Underground Elephant Has Pledged to Donate $50,000 to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund


Underground Elephant has vowed to give $50,000 throughout the following year to the American Red Cross Japan Seismic tremor and Pacific Tidal wave Reserve. The gift will bolster the alleviation endeavors for survivors who have been influenced by the quake and wave in Japan.

“The effect of the seismic tremor and wave’s pulverization on the general population in Japan is unconscionable,” said Jason Kulpa, Chief of Underground Elephant. “Every one of us at Underground Elephant are profoundly moved by the colossal worldwide bolster that Japan is getting and trust that our gift will additionally help alleviation endeavors.”

Underground Elephant is assuming a dynamic part in encouraging gifts by bringing issues to light with respect to the fiasco alleviation finance and is resolved to help the general population who have been affected by the calamity.

About Underground Elephant:

Underground Elephant is an execution based advanced media advertising organization that produces online purchaser leads for Fortune 500 Organizations. Underground Elephant is devoted to the most noteworthy quality models, and constantly endeavoring towards enhancing the client encounter.

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