The New Game Tsunami is Coming, Record Your Awesome Moments with Bandicam, Fraps Alternative Software


The new diversion tidal wave is accompanying a large group of new and up and coming recreations, for example, Skyrim which was discharged amidst November 2011. Gamers all around the globe are getting a charge out of this astounding amusement furthermore sitting tight for the following enormous discharges like Diablo III, Stupendous Robbery Auto V, Occupant Detestable: Operation Raccoon City to give some examples.

Nowadays, gamers are not quite recently playing before a television or a PC. Some of them meet new companions and visit with outsiders in the diversion. A few people record their amazing gameplays and transfer their editorial recordings on YouTube. Some of them get to be YouTube stars in view of their gameplay recordings.

In the event that you need to record XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 gameplay, you require a catch card and amusement recording programming. In any case, in the event that you need to record your gameplay on PC, you simply require an amusement recording program like Fraps.

Fraps is a standout amongst the most well known amusement recording programming among diversion clients. Fraps can record the first gameplay by DirectX and OpenGL snaring innovation, so the video quality is superior to other programming.

Notwithstanding the high video quality, it has 2 issues.

One issue of this product is that it just can record DirectX/OpenGL programs; it can’t record non-DirectX/OpenGL programs like blaze or java recreations. Another issue of this product is a major document estimate. On the off chance that you record for a moment, the document size may be around 1GB. Envision! When you attempt to transfer a moment video onto YouTube, it might set aside a long opportunity to transfer the entire video. To stay away from these issues, a few people are attempting to discover Fraps elective programming.

Bandicam is a decent contrasting option to Fraps in light of the fact that it records the DirectX/OpenGL programs like Fraps as well as it can record anything on your PC screen including streak/java amusements. Likewise, Bandicam packs the video when recording, so the recorded document size is much littler than Fraps with no loss of video quality.

Therefore, gamers can get a top notch gameplay video and a decreased video record measure because of the video packing innovation from Bandicam

Why not record your amazing minutes and make sense of which amusement recording programming is better.

About Bandisoft

Established in 2008, Bandisoft is a main organization of recording and chronicling programming for B2C and B2B showcase.

B2C items are Bandicam and Bandizip.

Bandicam makes it conceivable to record a specific range on a PC screen, or on a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL realistic advancements. Bandicam presently bolsters 23 dialects: English, French, German, Chinese, and so forth. (, Japanese ( and Korean (

Bandizip is Lightweight, Quick, and Free chronicling programming and it works with WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR and other document designs. Bandizip has quick Compress calculation for pressure & extraction.

B2B items are Bandicam SDK (Catch Library), Bandi Video Library, and Bandi Chronicling Library utilized as a part of significant diversion organization, for example, NC delicate, Nexon, NHN, Tencent, Neople, Windysoft, Dragonfly, Eyedentity Amusements, Maiet Stimulation, Danal Excitement, and so forth.



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