Boxer Puts a Price on TV2


At Boxer, we have chosen to incorporate TV2 in each of our four television bundles, so our clients can continue seeing the station. What’s more, on top of this, we are likewise making Danish television history by making it feasible for our clients to buy the station (in Danish the term is television kanaler) independently. Surprisingly, our clients can pay for a solitary channel without obtaining a full television bundle.

Here are the costs for TV2 acquired independently:

– 19 kr./month to month membership

– 199 kr./yearly card expense (essentially running and support costs). The expense makes up around one forward of Boxer’s standard card-charge of 778 kr. yearly.

The aggregate cost of TV2 will be around 35kr. every month – not exactly the cost of leasing an exceptional film.

We are glad to display a cost for TV2 (in Danish – TV2 betalingskanal) sold free that is extensively lower than what has as of late been hypothesized in the media. Also, we are exceptionally glad to at the end of the day be the television supplier that leads the pack with more opportunity of decision than our clients could get with any of alternate suppliers. This is the reason we’ve made it feasible for our clients to purchase TV2 independently. Our clients get a more liberated decision, and Boxer turns into the main television supplier in Denmark to offer genuine individually, says regulatory chief Steen Ulf Jensen, Boxer television A/S.

In three of Boxers television bundles – Boxer Smaller than normal, Boxer Blend, and Boxer MAX – TV2 will be incorporated naturally. Endorsers of Boxer Flex8 can choose the channel as one out of 8 discretionary diverts in the blend and-max bundle.

From January viewers must subscribe to Boxer in the event that they wish to see TV2 on Televisions with aeronautical gathering.

Ensure your gathering hardware is Boxer-affirmed. This is your assurance that everything is all together so you can keep on viewing TV2 beginning January 2012. It is a specialized prerequisite that your television or transmission box is up to the MPEG4-standard. In the event that you are staring at the television with a transmission box, your crate as of now has an inherent card peruser. To convey your television up to standard, obtain a card peruser good with your television.

TV2-cards will be marked down at Boxer and Boxer-retailers the nation over from October third 2011.

For more data contact:

Steen Ulf Jensen, authoritative chief, Boxer television A/S, tlf.: 0045-41329500


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