Maryland Teen Author to Have Third Novel Published in Five Months! With the Ability to Span a Wide Range of Genres, A.L.Collins Hopes to Appeal to a Wider Range of Audience


Maryland High schooler Writer A.L.Collins is blasting onto the scenes in the book business. The delightful and appealling youngster will have his third novel distributed in under five months when Twined is Discharged on April fourth. At only nineteen years of age he has demonstrated the noteworthy capacity to weave fabulous stories with extremely one of a kind and intriguing characters. "He has a written work style and development a long ways past his young age!" says his chief James Huntington of Personae Productions. "He sorts a great 150 words for each moment and the thoughts simply stream interminably from his brain, to his fingertips and onto the PC screen. I simply need to laugh to myself when I remain back and watch him compose. Furthermore, I think whats similarly stunning is these are decent books!"

A.L.Collins discharged Bastion:Prequel To War which is a dream sword and shield enterprise toward the finish of November, a year ago. He has lined that up with Scarlett’s a youthful grown-up romance book that was discharged on Walk first of this current year. Twined, A.L’s. wander into the paranormal kind is set to be discharged on April fourth of this current year. "I’m truly pleased with Twined." Collins says. "I like them all and Bastion will dependably hold an exceptional place in my heart since it was the in the first place, Yet Twined, that book just gets me energized! It’s distinctive, exceptional and loaded with turns and surprises!" It’s awesome to see a creator that super amped up for his work. "I think any individual who is keen on new, youthful and energizing creators truly needs to investigate this youthful man." Huntington said. "We are completely on focus to have five to six books distributed before the current year’s over! I know some quite understood and fruitful creators who haven’t had that numerous in their professions! These aren’t short stories people, these are 250 to 350 page novels!"

A.L.Collins will be an included writer at the Kensington "Day Of The Book" Celebration in Kensington, Maryland on April 22nd from 10am to 4pm. He will offer his books and marking signatures the whole day. So on the off chance that you are in the zone help yourself out and make a trip and visit with this fan-accommodating and energizing new creator!

Probably A.L.Collins is making his family, companions and fans pleased, alongside the whole condition of Maryland so far as that is concerned. His books are accessible in soft cover and digital book design at a few on-line retailers and on his many web journals and sites. A straightforward google inquiry can lead you there.

Personae Distributions is a Distributing Organization for little to mid-showcase writers and scholars.



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