Danuser Post Digger Parts – 800-733-0275 – OEM – Made in the USA


Hamilton Gear, Inc. – 800-733-0275 – is glad to stock the full line of OEM Danuser Post Digger Parts – notwithstanding the full line of Danuser wholegoods.

Call us at 800-733-0275 for all OEM Danuser parts.

All Danuser post diggers and twist drills are in-stock, notwithstanding the new Wobble Wood screw and the Danuser Pound.

The new Danuser Wobble Wood screw is known as the "Dirtless Burrowing Solution" in light of the fact that it rapidly creates a gap with no free soil in the base – or around the highest point of the opening! The winding and checkered hardfacing pushes through earth, solidified ground, sand, dirt, black-top, compacted shake and inserted shake.

The new Danuser Pound post driver has an inventive outline to accomplish a full stroke with each cycle – expanding the effect constrain. The Sledge does NOT utilize springs, pressure driven chambers or an arrival line.

The Danuser Pound has a free fall weight outline that keeps the sledge weight from striking the highest point of the posts. What’s more, the catch alternative permits one-individual operation by grabbing the post from the beginning extra water power or controls.

The Sledge tilt alternative permits up to 20 degrees tilt to one side or right!

This NEW Danuser Pound effectively drives T-Posts, Fence Posts, Tent Stakes, Watch Rails, Pipe Fence, Middle Dividers, Sign Posts and Railroad Ties.

See our Danuser data and recordings at www.haminc.com or call us at 800-733-0275.


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