Atlanta Financial Management Firm Brightworth Is Pleased to Announce Its Newest Partners


Atlanta capital administration firm Brightworth is satisfied to report its two most up to date accomplices, Kristen Johnson and Justin Husson.

Kristen Johnson started her Brightworth vocation in 1999. As Director of Customer Administration Organization, she supervises Brigthworth’s customer benefit process, tutors and prepares the customer benefit staff, and works intimately with new customers as they move into the Atlanta resource administration firm. Before joining Brightworth, she worked in the managing an account industry, having some expertise in operations.

Justin Husson joined the Brightworth group in 2000. As a Speculation Expert, he inquires about and screens venture openings, keeps up Brightworth’s portfolio programming, facilitates customer execution and administration reports, and regulates different venture and innovation ventures. Notwithstanding these obligations, Justin additionally leads Brightworth’s Innovation Board of trustees. Preceding his present part as Accomplice and Speculation Examiner, he was a venture operations master for Brightworth.

"We are extremely satisfied to have Kristen and Justin join the positions of partner," clarifies Beam Padron, President and COO of Atlanta venture administration firm Brightworth. "Their skill with the riches administration prepare makes them advantages for Brightworth, and we anticipate commending their future successes."

Brightworth is a "fee only" Atlanta money related arranging firm. The riches administration counselors at Brightworth assemble portfolios with a worldwide capital markets viewpoint that incorporates the utilization of option ventures to catch returns and decrease unpredictability as business sectors move. It is Brightworth’s logic to give financial specialists both responsibility and straightforwardness with respect to their ventures.

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About Brightworth

Brightworth is a "fee-only" Atlanta riches administration firm. The Atlanta money related organizers at Brightworth have a profound skill over the monetary controls to give continuous guidance and composed authority. Brightworth portfolios are worked with a worldwide capital markets point of view that incorporates the utilization of option speculations to catch returns and lessen instability as business sectors move. With a logic of responsibility and straightforwardness, this Atlanta resource administration firm is worked to last with a progression arrange intended for Brightworth to work autonomously for eras.

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