Fire Prevention Week Tip: One Simple Solution Can Help Prevent Fire Disasters


In acknowledgment of Flame Counteractive action Week, LifeShield Security is highlighting the significance of rehearsing flame wellbeing at home and the advantages of having a remote home security framework with flame security sensors. LifeShield offers free fire observing with its Keen Fire Finders that work with your current hardwired smoke alerts, and send a flag to the checking focus at whatever point smoke or warmth is recognized.

"While smoke identifiers just stable off when smoke or warmth is distinguished, the Keen Fire Finder goes the additional progression of alarming the LifeShield observing focus, which thusly, gets in touch with you instantly. Consistently is basic, especially if a fire begins when you are sleeping, not at home, or just unaware," said Louis Stilp, Organizer and COO, LifeShield.

How It Functions

Put the Shrewd Fire Identifier ideal alongside one of your current hardwired smoke/warm finders. Once the hardwired smoke identifier is set off, the Savvy Fire Locator "hears" the alert and sends a flag to the observing focus. The checking focus will reach you promptly, and will be headed.

To be best, clients are urged to put a Savvy Fire Identifier on every floor inside around four creeps of a smoke indicator. The Brilliant Fire Finder will work with any hardwired smoke alert. Clients who don’t as of now have smoke and fire alerts can arrange fire, smoke and warmth locators straight from LifeShield.

Elements and advantages of the LifeShield Fire Wellbeing Sensor include:

– Low profile plan

– 100% restrictive innovation

– 24/7 proficient FREE checking with a LifeShield framework

– Easy to set up and incorporate with your framework

"LifeShield’s Brilliant Fire Locator is 100 percent exclusive innovation; you won’t locate this home security item anyplace else," included Stilp.

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About LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security is the principal national, proficient review and professionally checked remote security framework that uses a simple to set-up "plug and protect" handle, giving prevalent home assurance and the best esteem in absolute home security. For additional on LifeShield Security, visit


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