Atlanta Moving Company, A.C. White Relocations, Want You to Avoid a Moving Scam


Atlanta movers A.C. White, a fourth era, family-claimed organization, needs to keep buyers from falling prey to moving tricks where a definitive expense charged is much higher than the first gauge. They urge individuals to get more data on the site (, which gives exhortation to purchasers about approaches to spot and maintain a strategic distance from these tricks before contracting an Atlanta moving organization. was begun by Tim Walker after his own moving bad dream over 10 years prior, when an offer of just shy of $1,900 transformed into a $5,000+ charge as the organization "kept his belonging hostage" for a month and a half.

What is the trick?

By and large, it begins with a site where a client enters their moving data, which is then sent to "moving companies" that vie for their business. An organization will give a low offer, for the most part by cubic film as opposed to weight, since they would need to give verification of weight. At the point when the movers touch base at the new area, they give another value, which the client must pay keeping in mind the end goal to recover their effects. These organizations will request full installment, and debilitate to take the client’s things and offer them if the sum they need is not ponied up all required funds.

How Would You Locate a Legitimate Mover?’s Tim Walker gives supportive data on the best way to separate a honest to goodness organization from one that is definitely not. Here are a couple general tips:

1. Try not to mastermind your turn on the web. This is the place the tricksters get their casualties. Rather, discover an organization that has an office in your general vicinity, and has been doing business for no less than ten years. Try not to falter to approach your land operator for a few proposals of Atlanta movers.

2. See whether the organization does the move themselves or subcontracts it. Try not to contract an organization that won’t do the move themselves.

3. Plan an in-home gauge with a business delegate from every Atlanta moving organization you are thinking about. Respectable organizations will do this. As noted, never contract an organization that gives you a quote in light of cubic feet, as this is illicit. Try not to sign any agreement or record without understanding it deliberately, and guaranteeing that the majority of the data is incorporated.

4. Discover as much as you can about every organization, both from the business rep and by doing your own exploration. gives an exhaustive rundown of data that ought to be gotten about the organization before you focus on procuring them at

5. Visit every organization’s office, take a gander at their storeroom, and keep an eye on their trucks, which ought to have the organization name for all time painted on them.

Pete White, VP of Offers for the Atlanta moving organization A.C. White Movements, says, "Before you put stock in somebody with the majority of your possessions, do some exploration, and get gauges. Everybody needs sensibly evaluated benefit, however a move is not an ideal opportunity to make finding a deal the top need. In the event that a quote appears to be unrealistic, it most likely is."

Despite the fact that A.C. White is best known for giving moving and migration benefits in Atlanta, information stockpiling is a vital piece of their business too. For more data on the organization, please visit

About A.C. White Movements:

Atlanta moving organization, A.C. White Movements, has been family claimed and worked since 1926. Four eras of involvement with moving in Atlanta has given A.C. White Migrations an unmistakable preferred standpoint over other Atlanta movers. With workplaces in Atlanta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah, A.C. White Migrations’ commitment to predominant administration and consumer loyalty has earned them both the regard and dedication of their Georgia moving customers. Collaborated with Joined Van Lines, A.C. White Migrations has the assets and the care and mindfulness everybody needs in Atlanta movers.

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