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Determined: Strolling Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition

It is not a marvel that Josh Wood strolls with under 5% utilization of his spinal rope; it is his constant preparing, diligent work, and positive perception procedures that permitted him to as of late discard his strolling stick until the end of time.

Determined: Strolling Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition is the arresting direct record of Josh Wood’s battle to recover versatility in his arms, hands and legs after a loathsome snowboarding mischance transformed the then 18-year-old into an entire quadriplegic. Specialists let him know that with under 5% utilization of his spinal line, he could never walk again. Josh’s trip is a demonstration of the profundity of the human will- – and to what we can accomplish when we never surrender. Therefore of his commitment, constancy and assurance, the youthful Australian strolls once more, as well as snowboards and rides a motorbike again.

Josh Wood’s Story

From the minute Josh could move he was dynamic and he devoted himself completely to an existence of activity games. Moving on from secondary school, Josh chose to seek after his fantasies of turning into an expert snowboarder. That fantasy went to a slamming stop when an aeronautical snowboard hop Josh endeavored to execute over a black-top street, turned out badly.

The effect of colliding with the ground changed Josh’s predetermination in a brief instant, in a split second turning into a quadriplegic at C5, C6, C7 and T1. The medicinal group’s guess was "Josh could never get up, so cataclysmic was his rope harm, he had under 3% shot of any recovery." Starting here is the place Josh began to live, inhale and be his message that he would at last impart to the world. Well over 10 years after the fact, wherever he goes, Josh brings his message and rouses scores of individuals in comparable circumstances and additionally regular individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds confronting challenges on many levels. Josh Wood is a distributed creator, motivational speaker, moving contender for self-recuperating and a man with a basic message for the world-Never Surrender!

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