Helen Hee Soon Chang Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Counseling and Communications


Helen Hee Soon Chang, Proprietor and Chief of Sejong Advising and Correspondence Administrations, has been perceived by Overall’s Who for demonstrating commitment, initiative and incredibleness in directing and interchanges.

Ms. Chang has 19 years of expert experience, with 16 years as the proprietor and supervisor of Sejong Guiding and Correspondence Administrations. Throughout the years, she has built up herself as a specialist in directing brain science, and additionally mediation for despise wrongdoing casualties, correspondence administrations, victimology, and creating self improvement gatherings for loathe wrongdoing casualties. Once a day, she is in charge of arranging system operations, sorting out multicultural discussions, and leading examination. Sejong Guiding and Correspondence Administrations is an advising and interchanges rehearse that sorts out group occasions and gives interpretation and translation benefits notwithstanding its directing administrations.

While working Sejong Guiding and Correspondence Administrations, Ms. Chang functioned as a school trustee for the Burnaby Leading group of Training from 2005 until 2008. She functioned as a right hand advocate of Chonam National College from 1981until 1982. Since 2010, she has led a request of drive to change the Canadian abhor wrongdoing announcing framework by bringing issues to light of multicultural issues.

Ms. Chang got to be distinctly required in social equity as a college understudy, when she started taking the majority rule standards she learned in class and applying them to regular daily existence. She chipped away at developments to give free therapeutic administrations to individuals dwelling in the internal city ranges, and fortified her conviction that all individuals ought to have medicinal services paying little respect to their salary. Today, she can gladly say that 95-percent of Koreans have restorative protection and she is upbeat that her nation of origin has set up an all inclusive medicinal services arrange for that makes therapeutic administrations available to practically everybody.

One of Ms. Chang’s most significant encounters was spending a late spring helping country agriculturists with their bustling rice developing season, where she invested energy with the kids, played with them, and read to them until their folks were done in the wake of a monotonous day at 7 p.m. To a great extent confined from the rustic experience from her city childhood, she figured out how government strategies in the 1970s extremely distraught the agrarian area for work serious produced sends out in the mechanical division. By going to various country ranges each late spring, her eyes were interested in the impacts of open approach on wage divergence, and the impacts of pay difference on individual families.

Subsequent to landing in Canada, Ms. Chang was occupied with bringing up her kids, yet kept helping new outsiders in her group. In the mid 1990s, she experienced an exasperating situation where a young man was mentally manhandled by his own instructor. The educator imagined everything approved of the understudy in class. One day the kid put forth an aggravating expression about he would preferably go to paradise than go to class, and the mother examined and discovered her youngster had been a casualty of fanaticism through the educator’s psychological mistreatment. Casualties of despise wrongdoing are all alone with regards to protecting themselves in Canada on the grounds that the criminal equity framework from time to time authoritatively assigns them as casualties of detest wrongdoing. Ms. Chang clarifies: "The hard the truth is that they are living in damnation on the grounds that their predators never quit focusing on and manhandling them. That is the reason I started to chip away at this issue in 2010."

Thinking back, Ms. Chang ascribes her prosperity to human connections and giving endeavors to enhance society. She got to be distinctly required in her calling since she partook in volunteer exercises in her group, which prompted to her longing to wind up distinctly an expert advisor.

Ms. Chang got an Ace of Expressions in clinical and advising brain science from Seoul National College in 1981, a Four year certification in liberal arts in brain research, and a Four year education in science in nursing in 1979 and 1977. Notwithstanding her degrees, she is an ensured individual from the General public of Interpreters and Mediators of English Columbia (STIBC), and a guaranteed interpreter and translator for English and Korean and the other way around. To stay in contact with other industry experts, she turned into an individual from the Canadian Mental Affiliation. In 2009, she got a declaration of acknowledgment from the Service of Outside Issues & Exchange of South Korea. Besides, she was named as a volunteer by the year by the noteworthy Svend Robinson in 2001. In years to come, Ms. Chang will extend her business, proceed in philanthropic endeavors and win a Ph.D.

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