And the Winners of This Year’s Golden Case Awards Are…

114, the Web’s authoritative asset on tablet cases, today reports its second yearly Brilliant Case Grants. The Brilliant Cases look to reward greatness in making quality items for all tablet models from Mac iPad and Samsung Cosmic system Tabs to the cloud. As a really novel reward inside the business, the Brilliant Case Honors are considered by T2C to be the Oscar Honors of the tablet frill.

For remarkable execution in creation and outline of tablet cases, sacks and other utilitarian extras, victors and runners-up were browsed among the many tablet case models delivered in 2013 in 17 distinctive case-style classes – an expansion from the 15 virtual trophies granted in the inaugural Brilliant Case Grants a year ago. A total once-over of candidates is recorded straightforwardly underneath, with winning cases in every classification in strong.

Also, the chosen people and champs for every tablet case classification are…

– 2013 Best Tablet Folio Case – STM Packs Studio Mac iPad Smaller than normal Folio; Cooper Prime iPad Air Folio; Zerochroma Mac iPad 2/3/4 Folio; Sherpa Attractive Mac iPad 2/3/4 Folio w/Bear Strap

– 2013 Best Portfolio Tablet Case – Germanmade BIC; Cooper Grip Mac iPad Smaller than normal Portfolio; Cooper Postpad Mac iPad Little Portfolio

– 2013 Best Rough & Extreme Tablet Case – Pelican HardBack 1065CC iPad/9" Tablet Rough Case, Pelican HardBack 1055CC iPad Smaller than usual/7" Tablet Rough Case; iBallz Unique Macintosh iPad 2/3/4/Air/9.7"- 10.1" Tablet Tough Case, iBallz Minis Macintosh iPad Scaled down/7-8" Tablet Tough Case; Ballistic Intense Coat Arrangement Macintosh iPad 2/3/4 Rough Case

– 2013 Best Children Tablet Case – Ndevr iPadding Demon iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case; Flying Personality PadPouch iPad 2/3/4/Air Extravagant Children Play Pack Case; AddyCase Mac iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case; Cooper Dynamo iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case

– 2013 Best Play Tablet Case – Arcadie iPad Smaller than normal Play Dock; Flying Personality PadPouch iPad 2/3/4/Air Rich Children Play Pack Case; Ndevr iPadding Demon iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case; WowWee ArtSee Studio Mac iPad 2/3/4 Intuitive Play Case

– 2013 Best Tablet Shell – Cooper Shield iPad 2/3/4/Air/Scaled down Rough Shell; Cooper Bob Samsung System Tab 3 8.0/10.1 Tablet Shell; Circle Mummy Macintosh iPad Smaller than expected Silicon Shell

– 2013 Best Tablet Sleeve – TapeGear Shred iPad Smaller than usual Sleeve; Gumdrop ThinSleeve MS Surface/10-11" Tablet Sleeve; STM Packs Coat D10 iPad/9-10" Tablet Sleeve & STM Sacks Overcoat D7 iPad Scaled down/7-8" Tablet Sleeve; Mujjo Firsts Accumulation Mac iPad/9" Envelope Case;

– 2013 Best Book Tablet Case – Cushion & Plume Aria iPad Smaller than usual Bookshelf; Germanmade G.1/G.2 for iPad Air/Scaled down; Portenzo Alano Mac iPad 2/3/4 Cabinet (Completely Stacked)

– 2013 Best Tablet Mount – Germanmade Holder Mac iPad/7-12" Tablet Divider Mount; Flying Personality PadPouch iPad 2/3/4/Air Extravagant Children Play Pack; XVIDA Boomerang Family Travel Unit Macintosh iPad 2/3/4 Stand & Auto Mount

– 2013 Best Tablet Console Case – Cooper Firefly Macintosh iPad 2/3/4 Console Dock; Sherpa Copyist Mac iPad 2/3/4 Console Folio; Cooper Edge Mac iPad Small scale Console Dock; Cooper Vast Official 9-10" Tablet Console Folio & Cooper Endless Official 7-8" Tablet Console Folio

– 2013 Best Widespread Tablet Case – Proporta Frankie Movable All inclusive 10" Tablet Folio; Cooper Unbounded Official 7-8"/9-10" Tablet Console Folio; Cooper Vast 6-8/8-10" Tablet Folio; iBallz Unique 9.7-10.1"/Macintosh iPad (1/2/3/4/Air) Tablet Tough Case & iBallz Minis 7" – 8"/Macintosh iPad Smaller than normal Tablet Rough Case

– 2013 Best Cowhide Case – The Beta Adaptation Moricz iPad Smaller than normal Calfskin Envelope Case; Mapi Cases Orion iPad 2/3/4/Little Cowhide Folio; Piel Frama Nspire Macintosh iPad Scaled down Calfskin Folio

– 2013 Best Tablet Pack – iBackFlip Somersault Thin iPad 2/3/4 Tablet Sack; Bagjack Baicyclon TBLT-CVR Macintosh iPad 2/3/4 Tablet Sack; Skooba Outline Tablet Ambassador V.3 10" Tablet Pack; STM Sacks Straight Mac iPad/10" Tablet Pack

– 2013 Best Tablet Remain in a Folio Case – Mapi Cases Orion iPad 2/3/4/Smaller than usual Calfskin Folio; STM Sacks Hold 2 Mac iPad 2/3/4/Air Folio; Zerochroma Mac iPad 2/3/4 Folio

– 2013 Best Waterproof Tablet Case – LifeJacket Mac iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case; Over the edge iPad 2/3/4/Smaller than normal Waterproof Case; Pelican HardBack 1065CC iPad/9" Tablet Rough Case & Pelican HardBack 1055CC iPad Scaled down/7" Tablet Tough Case; Aquapac Mac iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case

– 2013 Best Flag-bearer Pack Bagjack POGO Emissary Sack; Bluelounge Bonobo 11" – 15" Errand person Sack in Rust; Chrome Smaller than expected Buran 13" Tablet Flag-bearer Sack

– 2013 Best Tablet Stand – Bluelounge Mika General Tablet Stand; iLoveHandles Aspect Macintosh iPad/iPad Smaller than expected Tablet Stand Frill

Official conclusions in granting the 2013 Brilliant Cases depended on Tablet2Cases’ broad item audit database and general consumer loyalty. trusts that each of the 17 tablet cases accepting Brilliant Case acknowledgment ought to take awesome pride in delivering exceptional extras in an evermore swarmed advertise.

Tablet2Cases wishes congrats to all Brilliant Case victors for 2013 and welcomes tablet clients wherever to visit the site for data, surveys, shopping and practically all that you ought to require from the universe of tablet cases.

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