Grand Canyon Tours Now Offering 1-Day Rafting Tours for Spring 2014


The Stupendous Gorge rafting season is going full speed ahead and among the most prevalent excursions getting in progress this year are 1-day drift visits down the Colorado Stream.

“Smooth-water rafting is a standout amongst the most prominent exercises offered this time,” said Keith Kravitz, proprietor of Terrific Gully 123, a main supplier of National Stop visits and data. “However, rush as these treks tend to offer out.”

These specific buoy visits withdraw once every day in the morning from the South Edge of the Excellent Gulch and there are two sorts accessible that appear to speak to voyagers the most.

The one named the “essential” is a transport/pontoon bundle while the “fancy” is one that accompanies a plane ride, jeep ride and rafting. “Both of these bundles are an excellent esteem for gatherings, families and companions,” Kravitz said.

The treks begin off from Excellent Gulch Airplane terminal in the town of Tusayan, AZ, which is arranged 10 minutes from Fantastic Ravine Town where every one of the cabins are including Maswick Stop.

The transport adaptation goes to Page, AZ, before bypassing to Glen Gorge Dam where all barge pontoons are docked. The plane/exclusive excursion flies into Page, AZ, where explorer’s exchange to a Jeep for a voyage through celebrated around the world Pronghorn Gorge. At that point it’s overland to the base of the Dam where the pontoons are docked.

The buoy itself highlights no white water rapids and this is the reason kids as youthful as four years old are welcome on these visits. Further, both excursions incorporate various draw outs on the Colorado Rive where voyagers can have lunch, swim and climb to see old Indian shake craftsmanship.

“Drift visits are intended for travlers who need a day trip without rapids,” Kravitz noted. “The following level are multi-day white water rafting trips that costs a large number of dollars and require genuine arranging.”

The aggregate separation of the buoy is 15 miles from Glen Gulch Dam to noteworthy Lee’s Ship and aggregate time for both visits is roughly 12.5 hours. “The sights on this voyage are fantastic,” Kravitz noted. “Horseshoe Twist is the highlight however there are a ton progressively that get heaps of acclaim.”

Voyagers are prescribed to dress for open air conditions. Kravitz prescribes pressing sun obstruct, an overflowed cap, a lightweight since a long time ago sleeved cotton shirt and shades. “Bring or wear a bathing suit and attempt to wear waterway shoes as this is an excursion where guests will need to chill in the invigorating waters of the Colorado.”

There’s additionally a 1-day skim for Las Vegas explorers, as well. This specific one incorporates a helicopter to the base of the West Edge took after by a 11-mile drift from the base of Hoover Dam to Willow Shoreline. “This is a fabulous enterprise and an incredible approach to spend a three day weekend from The Strip,” Kravitz noted. “Besides, there’s recently something exceptional about withdrawing by vessel from the base of Hoover.”

For more data around 1-day Amazing Gully glide visits, please visit: gorge rafting-tours.html

Las Vegas-based Terrific Gorge 123 is the National Stop’s main supplier of visit data and that’s just the beginning. The organization centers its endeavors around giving points of interest, arrangements and valuing on West Edge and South Edge visits from Las Vegas, NV, Tusayan, AZ, and Phoenix, AZ. Propelled in 2008, Thousand Ravine 123 site includes live visit so voyagers can talk specifically with a specialist keeping in mind the end goal to get the ideal visit. Furthermore, there are various free reports that offer guests tips on the best way to get helicopter, plane, transport and rafting journeys at the most reduced rates conceivable. The official site can be gone by at:


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