Katja Nielsen Honored for Her Leadership Skills and Commitment to the Pharmaceutical Industry


Katja Nielsen, Executive of Lilly Oncology (Austria and Switzerland), an auxiliary of Eli Lilly and Organization, was as of late named a VIP individual from Overall Marking. This unique refinement respects people who have indicated outstanding duty to making individual and expert progress.

Ms. Nielsen has 15 years of expert experience, having as of late turned into the Executive of Lilly Oncology (Austria and Switzerland) for Eli Lilly and Organization. All through her vocation, she has developed an extensive aptitude set that incorporates initiative, administration and corporate procedure. Regularly, she is in charge of supervising day by day business operations for the oncology office, including deals, promoting, training and planning. She likewise puts her administration aptitudes to use by managing the office in its central goal of giving pharmaceutical items and top notch medication.

Thinking back, Ms. Nielsen ascribes her prosperity to sympathy and social fitness. She got to be distinctly required in her calling since she is a qualified physicist. She began her vocation working for a research center, and after that moved into the pharmaceutical business.

Dr. Nielsen got a Ph.D. in science from College of W?rzburg in 1999. She is an individual from the Lilly Worldwide Ladies’ System. In years to come, Dr. Nielsen might want to get another administrative position in one of the M5 nations.

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