Jambalaya Brass Band to Perform Free Concert at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar


In support of their most recent Disc discharge, On the Crazy Side, Jambalaya Metal Band will play out a free show at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm. Both of Jambalaya Metal Band’s Albums, It’s a Wilderness Out There and On The Crazy Side, brought about substantial communicate radio revolution across the nation, and in addition endless national and overall Web radio stations, and diagrammed in the main five of the CMJ Outlines, JazzWeek and The Roots Music Report Graphs. This tight and great gathering is a definitive New Orleans party band which On The Hip Side reaffirms once more with style and fervor, and Jambalaya Metal Band live is a level out crazy festival.

At the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, alongside tunes from On the Loco Side and their past fruitful Cd It’s a Wilderness Out There, Jambalaya Metal Band will perform other unique and conventional top picks. The band’s establishment will be given by Ralph Hamperian on sousaphone, Kevin Raczka on catch drum, and Taylor Floreth on Bass Drum- – and this musicality area cooks on high octane, so make certain to wear your moving shoes! Rounding out this delicious gumbo and including the flavor top will be the trombone of Curtis Fowlkes, the trumpet of Sean Edmonds, and the tenor sax of pioneer and organizer Ric Plain, a former student of the Duke Ellington Symphony.

” Jambalaya could stand next to each other with . . . any New Orleans metal band regarding sheer extravagance and vitality . . . a gathering from beginning to end.”- – Henry Smith for About Jazz

The Jambalaya Metal Band is a gathering of prepared melodic stars from an assortment of great past melodic settings as different as the Duke Ellington Symphony to the Parlor Reptiles, yet they have a skill for incorporating these dissimilar melodic encounters into one element setting. These prepared New York purveyors of bona fide American “roots” music play a delightful hot melodic gumbo of New Orleans charge impacted by any semblance of Mate Bolden, Jam Move Morton, Louis Armstrong, Resurrection and Grimy Dozen metal groups, straight through to the statures of their own cutting edge sounds that fuse components of R&B, Gospel, Funk, Latin and Be-bop. They encapsulate the historical backdrop of the best American music of the most recent hundred years while in the meantime proposing an insightful direction of America’s melodic future. The Band’s plans are unique and inventive while the playing is all the while exact and unconstrained, yet all is considered with creative energy and mind. All things considered, this is New Orleans party music and Jambalaya Metal Band is dependably a blissful melodic festival as they have demonstrated on many events. Playing both On the Crazy Side and It’s A Wilderness Out There at a gathering is a certain wagered, and seeing these gifted players live truly conveys the gathering straightforwardly home to you.

Indicate Time: Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Area: 165 Broker St., Brooklyn, NY

Admission: Free

Visit Jambalaya Metal Band Online at: http://www.jambalayabrassband.com

Contact: Janet Castiel, Redwood Excitement Inc., (212) 543-9998, info@redwoodentertainment.com, www.redwoodentertainment.com


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