Painted Axe Completes King Biscuit Trifecta


Despite the fact that the official end to a sweltering summer was Work Day, the Blues is quite recently beginning to warm up, Painted Hatchet is overjoyed to report the culmination of three commissions for the Lord Scone Blues Celebration, Oct. 8-11 in Helena, Ark.

“This is the fourth back to back year Painted Hatchet and KBBF have collaborated to create a uniquely painted guitar to remember one of the country’s longest running Blues celebrations and the legacy that encompasses it and the Delta,” said Michael Gauf of Painted Hatchet.

Three unique topics are portrayed on the three distinct guitars. The acoustic guitar, which will be introduced to the celebration’s most important volunteer, duplicates the well known “Downtown Helena” wall painting, however with personifications of some of the current year’s main events and entertainers.


An electric Broadcaster, which was given by the Memphis Guitar Center, pays reverence to the areas cotton impact, Sonny Kid Williamson and Lord Roll.


The other electric, authorized by an individual from the KBBF administration, entwines cotton, Blues and Helena, particularly US Highway 49B.


“The Scone is an occasion and authentic marker all by itself. We feel regarded to be a little piece of this yearly occurrence and can hardly wait to be nearby in under a month,” said Gauf. “Whether used as a pledge drive or granted as a blessing, our guitars are modified particularly to the occasion, amplifying the arrival – be it more wager tickets sold or appreciation from that meriting volunteer.”

Painted Hatchet likewise marks guitars for artists and groups, searching for a limited time/promoting edge for another Compact disc, Cd discharge gathering or visit.

Notwithstanding the Lord Roll commissions, Painted Hatchet is additionally chipping away at guitars for the Oct. 17 Bow City Blues & BBQ Celebration and the Oct. 4 Unbelievable Mood & Blues Voyage.

About Painted Hatchet:

Painted Hatchet represents considerable authority in uniquely painted guitars for craftsmen and artists to celebrations and visits, including marking for pledge drives and extraordinary occasions. Visit Painted Hatchet at or call 904-282-3433.


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