The Most Important Factors for Providers When Adopting an IV robot and Workflow Management Solution


Regardless of Wise Clinic Frameworks accepting higher appraisals in each metric, Aesynt outperformed them as far as suppliers’ probability to purchase, to a great extent because of a lower cost and littler impression. This and different discoveries are talked about in the most recent KLAS give an account of IV robots and work process administration frameworks.

“In spite of the hazard for exacerbating mistakes, the early selection of IV robots and utilization of work process arrangements like Baxter Medicinal services DoseEdge Framework, have not kept pace with the danger as a result of cost concerns and contending needs,” said report creator Paul Hess. “Despite the fact that the i.v.STATION is significantly less costly than the RIVA and the greater part of clients detailed getting a return for capital invested snappier with the i.v.STATION, current RIVA clients demonstrated that the seller encounter and the robot’s execution are certainly justified regardless of the additional cash, rating the RIVA much higher on cash’s worth and general execution.”

As a major aspect of this report, KLAS asked suppliers the nation over to assess their IV robots and work process administration arrangements in zones, for example, execution, mindshare, throughput and other key measurements. The IV robot items incorporated into the report are the Aesynt (Wellbeing Mechanical autonomy) i.v.STATION, the Baxter Human services INTELLIFILL I.V., and the Shrewd Healing facility Frameworks RIVA. The market for IV work process administration items is still commanded by Baxter Human services DoseEdge Framework, however different items specified in the report are Aesynt (Wellbeing Apply autonomy) i.v.SOFT, BD Cato, Grifols PHOCUS Rx and MedKeeper PharmacyKeeper. Suppliers likewise foresee the accessibility of CareFusion Pyxis IV and a part item from Epic, which aren’t monetarily accessible yet.

The report, entitled “IV Robots & Work process Administration Frameworks: Is It An opportunity to Receive?” distributed prior today. For access to the report you can download the myKLAS application at or visit KLAS online at The report is accessible to human services suppliers and merchants. Suppliers get a huge markdown off the standard retail cost or can get a complimentary rundown report in return for a study around one of their present providers.

About KLAS

KLAS is an examination firm on a worldwide mission to enhance human services conveyance by empowering suppliers to be heard and checked. Working with a large number of social insurance officials and clinicians, KLAS assembles information on programming, administrations, restorative gear and framework frameworks to convey opportune reports, patterns and factual diagrams. The exploration specifically speaks to the supplier voice and goes about as an impetus for enhancing seller execution. KLAS was established in 1996, and their staff and counseling board normal 25 years of human services data innovation encounter. Take after KLAS on Twitter at


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