Khin ‘Ken’ Ung is an Effective Restaurant Manager


Khin “Ken” Ung, Director of Yabi Sushi, has been perceived for demonstrating commitment, initiative and magnificence in operations administration.

Mr. Ung has 15 years of expert experience, with eight years as a director of Yabi Sushi. All through his profession, he has built up a mastery in operations administration. Consistently, he is in charge of regulating day by day business operations, including the staff, sustenance choice and presentation, and also consumer loyalty.

He credits his prosperity to getting a charge out of what he does and giving fine nourishment to his clients. He got to be distinctly required in his calling since he grew up wanting to cook.

Mr. Ung was as of late accepted into Overall Registry furthermore keeps up alliance with his neighborhood council of business. In acknowledgment of his successful authority, Yabi Sushi was named among the Best Orlando Eateries in 2014. In years to come, Mr. Ung expects to encounter the proceeded with development and achievement of his eatery.


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