Dr. Harry W. Ezim, Jr. Honored for Excellence in Law


Dr. Harry W. Ezim, Jr., Lawyer at-Law and Primary of Ezim Law office, has been perceived for demonstrating commitment, authority, and magnificence in individual damage, criminal safeguard, family guard, and common suit.

Dr. Ezim (Advocate Excalibur) conveys 30 years of expert experience to his part as a lawyer and central of Ezim Law office. All through his vocation, he has built up himself as having predominant legitimate capacity, principally in the territories of individual damage, criminal and family resistance, business prosecution, and common trials. Every day, he regulates all family matters, including divorce, tyke care and support, provision, and division of property. He likewise works continually and incessantly in the zones of individual damage, criminal (lawful offense and wrongdoing), laborer’s remuneration, mischance cases, business suit, and common trials. He got to be distinctly required in his calling since he has for the longest time been itching to individuals and found that law was the ideal road through which he could do as such.

Dr. Ezim (Advocate Excalibur) got a Four year education in liberal arts in business organization and financial matters in 1977, an Ace of Business Organization in records and administration in 1978, an Ace of Open Organization out in the open strategy and monetary organization in 1980, an Ace of Expressions in mass correspondence in 1986, and a Specialist of Law in 1984. He was chosen a Kindred of The World Abstract Foundation by The Leading group of The World Artistic Institute in Cambridge, Britain on June 9, 1986, and was enlisted into The Global’s Who of Savvy people in Cambridge, Britain in 1990. He was as of late drafted into Overall Registry in 2015 as a specialist in his fields of law and is perceived for incorporation in Overall Registry’s Main 101 Industry Specialists. He likewise keeps up connection with the Louisiana State Bar Affiliation. In acknowledgment of his greatness all through his vocation, he was given a honor for American Statute for Fabulous Accomplishment in the Investigation of Work Law in 1983. In years to come, Mr. Ezim plans to keep on lending his administrations to others. He endeavors to keep giving administrations to others in an expert and moral way.

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