Dr. Nancy Lebowitz Stays at the Leading Edge of Gynecological Advances


Dr. Nancy B. Lebowitz has been perceived for indicating devotion, authority and greatness in obstetrics and gynecology.

Noted doctor Dr. Nancy B. Lebowitz is a Kindred of the American School of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a clinical educator in Cornell Therapeutic Center’s Branch of OB-GYN. She has practical experience in preventive gynecology, hormone substitution treatment (counting bio-indistinguishable hormone pellet inclusions), and the determination and treatment of the human papilloma infection and orderly cervical dysplasia. She is additionally talented in the utilization of bioidentical hormones and hostile to maturing. Dr. Lebowitz likewise treats ladies who encounter huge weight pick up with antidepressants. She has served as a press representative for two gynecologically-related items, Ortho Alternatives and Monistat, and she has been cited in Excitement, Self, Marie Claire, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Home Diary, Shape, and Bounce. Presently commending her 27th year in private practice, Dr. Lebowitz deals with a supposed goal work on, implying that she is searched out by patients from around the globe. At her practice in New York City, Dr. Lebowitz is known for her analytic abilities and for reliably remaining at the main edge of gynecological advances. She is focused on giving exceptional administration and incredibleness in clinical care. She credits her prosperity to cherishing what she does and being a stickler. She is spurred by her energy for seeing her patients do well.

Dr. Lebowitz has confronted many difficulties in quest for her profession. At the point when her dad passed on her first year in restorative school, her cash was restricted. To pay for the cost of therapeutic school, she accepted a position waitressing and made things work. Dr. Lebowitz got her therapeutic degree from the College of Cincinnati Medicinal School and a Four year certification, Cum Laude, from Dartmouth School. She has served on the Bureau of OB-GYN’s Quality Affirmation Board at New York Clinic and the Quality Confirmation Advisory group at Oxford Wellbeing Arranges preceding its merger with Joined Human services. In 2013, she got a Patients’ Decision Grant. She bolsters an African young lady in Kenya through the Clinton Worldwide Activity GlobalGiveBack and underpins two administers cultivate youngsters through Arrangement Universal USA. She is hitched and the mother of twins that at present go to Tulane College.

For more data about Nancy B. Lebowitz, MD, visit https://theregistry.force.com/profile/3U0000005k4hw.


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