Free Eventide Looper For All H9 Owners For Limited Time


Today, Eventide declared the prompt accessibility of the Looper calculation for H9 clients, free until the finish of February, 2015. On Walk first , it will be evaluated at $25. This capable new Looper is accessible for download through the component rich H9 Control application accessible for Windows, Macintosh, and iOS.

Here is a video show:

Looper propelled highlights:

* Turn around play and record with quick switch playback with ongoing Varispeed control

* Consistent Varispeed overdubbing and circle playback over a full scope of paces from 2x to respite to turn around 2x

* Constant, non-dangerous, circle head and tail trimming

* Auto beat-quantization of footswitch activities in Rhythm Mode.

* Rhythm Mode keeps up ongoing astute beat synchronize even with speed changes or trimmed circle

* MIDI clock synchronize to your drum machine or sequencer for locking your circle to the beat without float

“The expansion of this exclusive Looper develops the usefulness of the H9 stage,” noted Beam Maxwell, Eventide VP of Offers and Showcasing. “Circling was one of the top solicitations of H9 clients; we are enchanted to give it away for nothing to all H9 proprietors temporarily.”

About Eventide

Eventide was established in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a main designer and producer of advanced sound handling items for recording, communicate, and live execution. Headquartered in Little Ship, NJ, Eventide imagined the H910, the primary Harmonizer impacts processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the principal de-glitched Harmonizer with extra postponement. Visit Eventide online at



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