Long Beach Substance Abuse Nonprofit Rebrands as ‘Safe Refuge’ and Continues Helping Underserved


The Long Shoreline based not-for-profit long known for its commitment to helping underserved men and ladies with liquor and medication addictions today declared another name, Safe Shelter. Alongside the new name, the association has experienced a complete rebranding that incorporates a bright new logo, a rousing slogan and easy to understand site. Established in 1988, the philanthropic was beforehand known as the Substance Mishandle Establishment of Long Shoreline.

“Our customers, the encompassing groups and every one of the offices we work with will be happy to realize that despite the fact that we are donning a new and present day new character, nothing else has changed,” said Kathy Romo, Official Executive of Safe Asylum. “Our staff, our rationality and our qualities continue as before.”

Romo disclosed that the choice to rebrand the office originated from the acknowledgment that while Substance Mishandle Establishment was an exact portrayal of the administrations gave, the charitable had developed into an association with extra administrations and a more far reaching vision – furthermore sought a more motivational name.

“We invested a considerable amount of energy in our rebranding and seeing how we are not quite the same as different organizations with comparable administrations. At last, we felt ‘Safe Asylum’ splendidly caught what customers have felt when they touch base at our doorstep looking for help – and what we need anybody to feel in the event that they are in need,” Romo included.

Safe Asylum likewise is a perfect name in light of its grounds like environment, with private customers living in contiguous houses and condos, near the Protected Shelter treatment focus, as opposed to in an institutional setting. Customers can get private or day medicines, advising, lodging and an assortment of strong administrations.

What’s more, the name Safe Shelter is more distinct, as the association has mixed it up of administrations throughout the years past the center program through which customers accomplish temperance. For instance, Wanders Business Administrations is a division of Safe Asylum. Romo noticed that the association unequivocally trusts it is its duty to program graduates discover work so they can appreciate a profitable life. Wanders Business Administrations incorporates work preparing, continue composing workshops and talking instructional exercises. Also, the Endeavors group ventures into the group to urge nearby organizations to contract Safe Shelter graduates.

Alongside the new name, Safe Shelter’s slogan communicates the association’s reasoning: Trust. Change. Victory. Customers come to Safe Shelter from an assortment of sources. The association acknowledges standard customers as well as people who might be destitute, veterans, single guardians, those with a criminal history, parolees, individuals living with HIV/Helps or people from the LGBT people group.

“Safe Asylum is not the same as numerous associations that treat substance mishandle customers since we make a decent attempt to discover approaches to help the individuals who can’t manage the cost of help. A noteworthy part of our subsidizing originates from different administrative offices, and these particular gifts are intended to individuals who don’t have money related assets to get the help they require,” Romo clarified. “Private gifts give a developing bit of our assets.”

Safe Shelter, a 501c3 philanthropic, appreciates built up support and accomplice associations with an assortment of Southern California-based organizations and offices that give subsidizing and additionally in-kind administrations to supplement government awards. “We are appreciative to these organizations, which are gladly shown on our new site, and as we move promote into 2015, we are looking for new group connections to help us really help all who go to our entryway,” Romo said.

About Safe Asylum

Established in 1998, Safe Asylum (previously called Substance Manhandle Establishment of Long Shoreline) is known for offering a total continuum of care, from private and outpatient medication and liquor treatment to lodging to helping customers at last pick up business so they may retake control of their lives. Safe Shelter gives a steady domain, serving standard customers and people from extraordinary populaces, for example, veterans, destitute, those with criminal histories, single guardians, the LGBT people group and individuals with co-happening issue (psychological well-being and dependence issues). For additional data about administrations, or to ask about gifts, please call 888-476-2743 or visit http://www.asaferefuge.org.


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