Uniting Bucks County Banks Announce New Name


Initially Investment funds Bank of Perkasie and First Government of Bucks Region have gotten endorsement to hold the name of their new, bound together association, Penn People group Bank.

The Pennsylvania Division of Saving money and Securities has approved the Pennsylvania Branch of State’s Agency of Companies and Magnanimous Associations to save the new name for use by the bound together association. The formal approval of the new bank’s proposed name is an essential stride in the administrative procedure and is a noteworthy point of reference in the unification of these two long-lasting neighborhood organizations.

“The name, Penn People group Bank, was made in light of our neighbors and business accomplices. We asked them what they needed from us and they all stated, ‘Group matters,'” said Jeane Coyle, President and Chief of First Government of Bucks District, who will accept a similar part for the new bank.

“Furthermore, the name “Penn” discusses a profoundly established, rich history in Bucks Region and all through southeastern Pennsylvania.”

The proposed unification still should get last endorsement from the Central bank, the Pennsylvania Branch of Saving money and Securities, the Government Store Protection Enterprise and the Workplace of the Officer of the Cash. The end is expected in the second from last quarter of 2015.

Clients may see the Penn People group Bank name being used on formal archives, for example, advance assentions in the fall of 2015. Finish combination of the new bank’s personality is gotten ready for January 2016.

The new organization’s name is an impression of the recorded ties that each of the two banks have manufactured with their neighborhood groups throughout the decades, and in addition an image of the soul of association that has described their unification.

“We said from the begin this was not your normal bank merger, and the naming procedure mirrors that. One bank isn’t going up against the name of another; we are making something new, together,” said First Funds President and Chief Fred Schea. “It likewise mirrors the new association’s central goal, which is a similar mission whereupon the two banks were established decades prior – to help the groups in which we live and work to flourish.”

The new bank will remain a free, common money related association, privately claimed and receptive to its clients and groups.

Situated in Perkasie, Dad., First Funds offers saving money, protection, ventures, and trust administrations at 11 branch areas all through Focal and Upper Bucks Region. To start with Government is situated in Bristol, Dad., and offers individual and business keeping money at 11 branch areas for the most part in Lower Bucks District. Together, they utilize around 300 individuals.

The proposed unification was reported Nov. 14, 2014 and has been endorsed by both banks’ sheets of executives. The unification would amplify every bank’s impression, join their capital holds, and permit them to offer a more extensive cluster of monetary items and administrations, while strengthening their duties to their neighborhood groups, clients, and colleagues.

About First Reserve funds Bank of Perkasie

Established in 1922, First Reserve funds Bank of Perkasie is one of the biggest and most grounded group banks in Focal and Upper Bucks District. Today, First Reserve funds Bank offers individual managing an account, business saving money, protection, speculation and trust administrations at 12 areas. To begin with Investment funds Bank is a piece of a two-level shared holding organization structure and is the completely possessed backup of FSB Bankshares Partnership. FSB Shared Possessions, Inc. is a shared holding organization and claims FSB Bankshares Company. It is expected that the new bank will keep on utilizing First Reserve funds Bank’s common holding organization structure. A common association, First Reserve funds holds simply over $1 billion in resources and qualities the part it plays in supporting the group.

About First Government of Bucks District

Established in 1885, First Government of Bucks District holds $739 million in resources and works 12 areas all through Bucks Region. Since it is a Governmentally Sanctioned Shared Investment funds Affiliation, the bank is not traded on an open market and is “possessed” by the Affiliation’s clients. The mission of First Government is to serve organizations and people in Bucks Region and the encompassing regions – and to be a basic part of the group.


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