EMS Chosen as EHS Commissioning Consultants for GAJ’s Latest Project


Vitality Administration Administrations (EMS) is set to work with Godwin Austin Johnson (GAJ) as EHS Green Building Dispatching Experts for their most recent venture, Serenia Living arrangements on the Palm Jumeirah Sickle.

EMS’ solid notoriety in the district guarantees they are driving vitality specialists in the Center East. GAJs’ point is to enhance their vitality, water and material effectiveness, which will be accomplished through EMS’ ability on plan and designing controls. EMS’ Green Building Appointing Administration will give Green Building rules to GAJ’s Serenia Living arrangements Venture, which will be adjusted to their solicitations and additionally the nearby prerequisites of the UAE. The usage of these green building strategies, materials and advancements for the Serenia Homes Venture will both be fiscally and naturally feasible for GAJ.

EMS will work with GAJ to make a fruitful program that will manage the building experts to plan and manufacture green structures effectively. The venture includes the EHS Consultancy of the Serenia Living arrangements Venture keeping in mind the end goal to get the sought outcomes. As a feature of the venture, EMS’ objective is to guarantee that the proposed vitality offices will give ideal vitality at a decreased cost.

EMS energizes and drives the path for a greener and more practical future. As Vitality Accomplices for some customers in the Center East in the course of recent decades, EMS has been effectively required in helping its customers to deliberately oversee vitality acquirement. EMS plan and actualize vitality effectiveness arrangements, supply solid and cost-focused vitality administrations, and organize the establishment of vitality foundation and advances. EMS also is ensured in LEED, Estidama, QSAS and some more.

Visit the EMS site to take in more about our administrations at http://www.ems-int.com

Built up in 1991 as the “principal” Vitality Preservation Organization in the Center East, Vitality Administration Administrations – EMS has built up a remarkable skill in vitality and water proficiency thinks about for the foundations crosswise over different divisions with more than 800 vitality studies and undertakings executed in the district.


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