The ALONE Experience Releases Video Teaser For Their October Performance of “Index Of Absorption,” Which Will Run In Los Angeles From Oct. 17th through Nov. 1st


ALONE (an existential frequenting), the scandalous Los Angeles ‘October Frequent’ is set to open a 12 night keep running of “File of Assimilation”, a completely immersive 45-minute walkthrough encounter, which you enter alone, start on October seventeenth and closure November first. In expectation of one of the “Best Outrageous Frequented Attractions 2015” (by USA Today), the makers of Alone have discharged a video mystery, which can be seen here:

ALONE was named “Scariest Frequent” – 2013 Brilliant State Frequents and Occasions, called “A flash of brilliance” – L.A. Week after week, “Really an individual ordeal … a victor” – Fangoria and “The most delightfully built frequent in Los Angeles” – LAist.

Presently in it’s third year ALONE investigates the unpredictable folds of the human mind, putting you as the member inside dreams and dreams and bad dreams that you may have had and inside those that you unquestionably have not. Your body might be forcefully touched and moved or carefully grasped or be completely allowed uprooted and to sit unbothered.

The current year’s idea for ALONE is “Unweave the Rainbow” which is four analyses in human feeling that investigate cooperation. At the point when light experiences a protest, one of four activities happen; dispersion, refraction, reflection and retention. The encounters will continue through the List of Dispersion in June, to the Record of Refraction in August, then to the File of Appearance in September. After the three Records constitutive of a rainbow happen, light is at last devoured inside the List of Ingestion this month.

Section one of ALONE: Unweave The Rainbow, The Record of Dispersion, occurred more than three evenings in June with The File of Refraction uncovered to members amid Alarm LA in Pasadena in August, the List of Appearance in mid-September and the finish of the arrangement THE List OF Ingestion to start its constrained run, open to the overall population, beginning October seventeenth through November first. Propelled tickets to The Record of Ingestion are at a bargain now and to supporters of the Alone Insider’s Rundown. To agree to the ALONE Insider’s Rundown, you can enter your email address at By turning into an individual from the ALONE Insider’s Rundown you will get selective offers and upgrades, early/marked down ticket offers and a great deal more. You can purchase tickets straightforwardly through the site:

There will be an uncommon VIP Superstar Celebrity lane Debut Occasion occurring on October sixteenth, 2015. Any ability and media pass solicitations (and request) ought to be coordinated to Smidgen Hamilton of Mosaic PR at:


Craftsman and architect Devon Paulson is co-designer of ALONE [an existential haunting]. He as of now lives and works in Los Angeles. While going to California Establishment of Expressions of the human experience, Devon Paulson started drawing in with the visual expressions as well as with execution and establishment and sound figure. While he has kept on testing in these unique compelling artwork fields, he has likewise added this with the plan and creation of business spaces, for the most part eateries, throughout the most recent sixteen years. This has permitted Devon to make bigger masterpieces that straddle both the artistic work and open spaces and realizes that there doesn’t need to be a bargain in uprightness when pondering scale.

Film maker Lawrence T. Lewis is co-maker of ALONE [an existential haunting]. He began his profession in filmmaking at 5 years old when his folks let him utilize their Super 8mm camera. Those early years quickly landed Lawrence in the maker part as he explored through a way through an assortment of positions in television news, autonomous element movies, significant studio highlight movies, business film, and new media. With a virtuosic energy for the operational side of things, Lawrence spends his days taking care of calculated issues and making an interpretation of reasonable thoughts into reality. Delivering both expansive and little preparations has given him the capacity to locate the innovative answer for each issue.

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Twitter: @aloneexperience

Instagram: @aloneexperience

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