Documentary Film Spotlights Mother’s Fight Against Gun Violence and Homicide


In 2011, Rosilyn Sanctuary lost her child to crime. She started an individual scan for equity. That inquiry has now turned into her calling – and that calling that could change urban areas across the nation. Sanctuary has turned into an enthusiastic pioneer in the battle against firearm viciousness and crime in Kansas City, MO.

At each manslaughter scene in the territory, Rosilyn offers solace and guiding to the lamenting families. She helps moms and fathers, clarifying why they can’t race to the body of a fallen youngster. She calms passionate group and requests that they let the police do their work. She will campaign neighborhoods after a vicious wrongdoing, asking individuals to call the police with tips. In this manner, Rosilyn fills a critical need – a repulsive hole between the police divisions and the families who are struck by savagery. Rosilyn additionally established the Kansas City part of Moms in Control, an association whose mission is viciousness anticipation, training and intercession for youth, teenagers, families and group associations. In that limit, Rosilyn works with the KCPD, FBI, ATF, Jackson Area Prosecutor’s Office and the US. Lawyer’s Office.

Her endeavors are currently being perceived across the country. Rosilyn ventures to every part of the district spreading her message, and her work is turning into a model for other group activists. She was as of late named the 2015 Native of the Year by the Kansas City Star, and granted the FBI Kansas City division’s Chief’s People group Administration Grant.

Movie producer Jon Block is to a great degree respected to recount Rosilyn’s story. Block, a Kansas City local, has worked with Emmy-and Oscar-winning movie producers, TV stations, and world-class customers including; Constant with Bill Maher, Yippee! News, The Charlie Rose Show, Nickelodeon, Getty Film, and The White House.

To recount Rosilyn’s story, Jon has been shooting her work for over a year, recording Rosilyn’s historic work with anguish stricken families and group pioneers. Presently, Jon has started a Kickstarter financing effort to bring issues to light of this essential film. With the assets raised, Block will finish altering, present the work to film celebrations and look for dispersion channels.

The objective of the film, Block says, “Is to move individuals to stand firm against savagery and murder. In the event that one lady can have any kind of effect, envision what could happen if people and groups wherever stand firm against savagery. Rosilyn is confirmation that, with enthusiasm, assurance and confidence, one lady can have a noteworthy effect. ”

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