Girl Fuse Gives Bold Voice to Girl Bloggers with Disabilities


“It is safe to say that you are started up by being stereotyped in the media, copied out by being depicted as somebody’s ‘little blessed messenger’ or a question of pity, exasperated by all the motivation porn? Illuminate and be a Young lady Wire!”

With that captivating admonishment, another push to advance strong self-expression by young ladies with inabilities commences its open stage as a noteworthy online gathering.

Young lady Circuit is an article venture of High schooler Voices, the worldwide young lady news and tutoring site of the New York-based Ladies’ eNews. The arrangement highlights individual stories and news articles by, about and with young ladies with inabilities. Female-distinguished 13-19 year-olds who are keen on getting paid for their distributed work are welcome to present their composition to

“We need to hear young ladies’ thoughts for detailed, journalistic stories and additionally first-individual expositions,” said Katina Paron, Editorial manager of Teenager Voices and chief of Young lady Wire. “By joining Young lady Circuit, young ladies and young ladies with incapacities will have responsibility for their stories are told. They will get the opportunity to coordinate the story and impart a stage to different young ladies, paying little heed to having an incapacity or not.”

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Clinician Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, regarded worldwide as a promoter for the benefit of individuals with handicaps, serves as an advisor for the Young lady Breaker arrangement. Dr. Sheypuk holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Brain science (2009) from The New School for Social Research. She has some expertise in the brain science of dating, connections, closeness and sexuality, especially among individuals from the crippled group. She has utilized a wheelchair since kindergarten and carries her own involvement of living with an incapacity to the venture.

“By bringing me on board, Ladies’ eNews is putting forth a solid expression that they need to advance the genuine voice of handicap,” said Dr. Sheypuk. “They are not quite recently accepting that they realize what it resembles to have an incapacity, an error that is set aside a few minutes and again by predominant press outlets. With Young lady Breaker, young ladies and young ladies with inabilities pick up a critical outlet for offering their encounters to whatever is left of the world.

“Strong, straight to the point depiction and exchange of issues confronted by teenager young ladies is the thing that Young lady Circuit is about,” finished up Dr. Sheypuk. “It advances the cutting edge, dynamic perspective of differing qualities while promising to present a radical new era of youthful scholars and essayists.”

For more data, contact Katina Paron,, 212-244-1720; or Dr. Danielle Sheypuk,

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