Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta Announces Didi Sarwono As The New Executive Chef


Illustrious Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta’s General Administrator, Ian Cameron, declared the arrangement of Didi Sarwono as the new Official Culinary expert. In his new part, Official Cook Didi Sarwono directs all recognized sustenance & drink outlets at Regal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, including throughout the day eating Illustrious Eatery, The Anteroom Relax & Bar, and the up and coming & most-expected new bistro, Punika Store, to open this December.

“Cooking is about revelation and imparting that experience to others,” Didi says. “From finding out about new perplexing systems to team up with neighborhood customs, I cherish taking a stab at something new and past the standard and I am bringing this feeling of revelation and fervor to Imperial Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta’s culinary program. I feel extremely favored to be delegated at this incredible exemplary lodging which has such a wealth of Yogyakarta’s Regal Royal residence legacy.”

Perceived for his unwavering innovativeness in the kitchen, Official Gourmet specialist Didi Sarwono began his culinary vocation in the 2000’s, extending 5-star Worldwide chain inns in Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan to Dubai, a fine feasting eatery in Jakarta and furthermore journey line in German & Australia. Notwithstanding his expert preparing in the kitchen, Official Culinary expert Didi Sarwono has been named as one of the semi-finalist on “Indonesian Gourmet expert of The Year 2012” alongside 9 others senior Cooks in the business. His enthusiasm to nourishment styling and finding new manifestations from customary meeting westerns gastronomy, triggers him to share his adventure to 16.000+ adherents on his own Instagram (@didi_sarwono) and a blog loaded with lovely cooking styles.

“We’re to a great degree pleased to have Culinary specialist Didi finishing our group. With his universal experience and profound energy to making new and energizing ideas in our feasting outlets, and also understanding Indonesia’s voracious interest for always expanding refinement in eating alternatives, I am certain our observing customer base are in for an Ambarrukmo treat throughout the following a while.” says General Director Ian Cameron.

The honor winning 5-star Regal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta has 247 rooms & suites open to business & recreation, visitors may look over Fancy room, Debut room, Junior Suite, Official Suite and Ambarrukmo Suites. All rooms with overhang, ordering perspectives of Merapi Fountain of liquid magma or the city, and condition of-craftsmanship offices. The lodging’s MICE spaces offer universal guidelines with up to 2,000 individuals limit. The Ambarrukmo, a basic wedding, recreation and MICE goal in the heart of Javanese culture, anticipates perceiving visitors to find. Take in more at and remain nearby to web-based social networking stories on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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