Ella’s Bubbles Launches a New Product Line of Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs


Ella’s Air pockets, a Chicago-based producer of acrylic stroll in baths, is propelling another product offering of Acrylic Outward Swing Stroll In Baths. Ella’s Air pockets is outstanding for their exceptional image of acrylic stroll in baths with their stainless steel internal swing entryways, yet their new product offering brings another style into the market. The new product offering comprises of polished acrylic material rather than the finished acrylic or gelcoat that is industry standard for outward swing stroll in baths. The new entryways have a current outline and a three-hook framework to build the quality and strength of every entryway.

“A great many people stress that their stroll in baths will spill on the off chance that they buy an outward swing entryway bath. It’s a ton of water weight for the way to withstand, however our entryways incorporate a water evidence seal and a 3-hook framework that can keep the entryway firmly fixed and airtight.” says Laimonis Magone, proprietor of Ella’s Air pockets. The organization likewise offers a constrained lifetime guarantee on the entryway, casing, and shell of the stroll in baths for additional true serenity.

The new product offering comprises of 5 new stroll in baths all with their own styles and abilities. Maybe the most prominent are the Tub4Two and the Big4Two Stroll In Baths. These stroll in baths are one of the main outward swing entryway stroll in baths that have two seats. This permits the bather to make the most of their shower with their accomplice and it’s less demanding to get into as the entryway swings outward. Ella’s Air pockets is eager to be the first available with regards to the two seater stroll in baths with outward swing entryways. They’re certain it’ll be a prominent decision.

Sarah Wasinski

Advertising Director

Ella’s Air pockets, LLC.

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Ella’s Air pockets is a Chicago-based (OEM) producer of acrylic stroll in baths and a broadly conveyed maker of private mark available shower slows down and gelcoat stroll in baths. They have initiated acrylic stroll in bath improvement, generation, and conveyance in North America since 2005. They offer excellent craftsmanship, world-class client benefit, and innovative bits of knowledge to help both merchants and merchants improve their image.


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