Steve Snyder, Author Of ‘Shot Down’, Named As One Of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ For 2016


Steve Snyder, writer of ‘Shot Down’, has been named as one of ’50 Extraordinary Scholars You Ought to Peruse’ in the 2016 Book Grants Challenge. Snyder was looked over a field of many creators through an open voting process. ‘Shot Down’ is the tale of Snyder’s dad, who was shot down in a B17 aircraft, the ‘Susan Ruth’, over Europe amid WWII. He dodged catch and was long gone for seven months.

The hardcover form of ‘Shot Down’ has more than 200 day and age photos of the general population who were included and the spots where their stories occurred. The digital book has 24 photographs. The book likewise contains letters and archives that were traded previously, then after the fact the Susan Ruth was shot down. The book is a perfect occasion present for any individual who has an enthusiasm for military history, World War II, or particularly the air war over Europe.

‘Shot Down’ has gotten various other prominent industry grants. These include:

2016 Rack Unbound Magazine Beat 100 Eminent Books – Best Non mainstream Book Rivalry

2016 National Outside the box Magnificence Grants – Champ – History – US

2016 National Outside the box Magnificence Grants – Champ – Military Verifiable

2016 Beverly Slopes Book Grants – Victor Verifiable Military

2016 Worldwide Digital book Honors – Silver Decoration Victor True to life Military

2015 Books and Writers Book of the Year – Victor Verifiable Military

2015 Cutting edge Outside the box Book Grants – Champ Military

2015 Global Book Grants – Champ History: General

2015 Perusers’ Most loved Book Grants – Gold Decoration Champ True to life Recorded

2015 Fuel Book Grants – Finalist True to life

2015 Cutting edge Outside the box Book Grants – Finalist Authentic True to life

2015 Free Distributer Book Grants – Silver Medalist History (U.S.)

2015 Autonomous Writer Arrange (IAN) Book of the Year Grants – Extraordinary Genuine (General)

2015 Autonomous Writer Organize (IAN) Book of the Year Grants – Second Place Victor

2015 NABE Spring Apex Book Accomplishment Grants – Best Books Military

2015 True to life Book Grants – Bronze Decoration

2015 eLit Grants – Gold Award History

2014 Foreword Surveys’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Grants – Finalist War & Military

2014 USA Best Book Grants – Finalist History: General

2014 USA Best Book Grants – Finalist History: Military

2014 Southern California Book Celebration – Good Say General True to life

Commentators have commended ‘Shot Down’. Distributers Week by week expressed, “This is an incredible prologue to the historical backdrop of the U.S. air war in Europe, refined by the experience of a solitary aircraft group.” The European Focus of Military History stated, “Steve Snyder has achieved a level of grant couple of novice students of history accomplish.” Foreword Audits called it a “wonderful book.” Midwest Book Survey called it “An innately entrancing and deftly composed record.”

Steve Snyder is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath, or by email at ‘Shot Down’ is accessible at online retail book outlets. More data is accessible at his site at

Steve Snyder resigned from VSP in 2009 following 36 years in national deals and deals administration, He started his journey to know everything conceivable about the World War II encounters of his dad, pilot Howard Snyder, and his team of the B-17 Susan Ruth. Bit by bit, it turned into his energy and brought about ‘Shot Down’. He has a place with various World War II affiliations and is leader of the 306th Bomb Assemble Verifiable Affiliation.


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