Charles Corry, Ph.D., Recognized for Excellence in Nonprofit Operations Management


Dr. Charles Corry has been incorporated into Marquis’ Who. As in all Marquis’ Who anecdotal volumes, people profiled are chosen on the premise of current reference esteem. Variables, for example, position, significant achievements, perceivability, and noticeable quality in a field are altogether considered amid the choice procedure.

As the father of a handicapped Marine and a military veteran himself, Dr. Corry has concentrated a large number of his endeavors on veterans’ issues. He is the author and leader of the Equivalent Equity Establishment, a philanthropic association that works with veterans managing the lawful framework, attempting to keep their captures and helping them through court. Dr. Corry has likewise directed research on veteran medical problems and the societal effect of veteran captures. Moreover, his association focuses on the guard of fundamental common freedoms, and forestalling abusive behavior at home against men in Colorado. Beside his philanthropic work, Dr. Corry leads and distributes a contracted survey of Colorado judges at regular intervals, with the goal that residents can stay avant-garde on judges’ history.

Dr. Corry is a geophysicist in terms of professional career with a solid scholarly establishment and expert resume. In the wake of serving in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1955 to 1963, he started filling in as an examination relate at Scripps Establishment of Oceanography in California and Woods Gap Oceanographic Foundation in Massachusetts. He earned a Four year education in science in geography from Utah State College in 1970, an Ace of Science in geophysics from the College of Utah in 1972, and a Ph.D. in geophysics from Texas A&M College in 1976.

Dr. Corry used his instruction in the part of administrator of geophysical research for AMAX in Colorado from 1977 to 1982. He then moved to Texas, where he was the VP of Nonlinear Examination, Inc, and additionally a meeting subordinate educator of geophysics at Texas A&M College. Dr. Corry put in a consequent five years as a partner teacher of geophysics at the College of Missouri before coming back to the Forested areas Gap Maritime Organization for a long time as facilitator of the World Sea Dissemination Analyze. He proceeded with his vocation as a database advisor in Denver and Colorado Springs from 1995 to 2001, when he built up the Equivalent Equity Establishment.

As a geophysicist, Dr. Corry’s most outstanding accomplishments incorporate upsetting a worldview that existed for over 150 years in regards to galvanic current stream in mineral bodies. He additionally found that metal minerals are generally ferroelectrics, and that metal bodies act as a captivated dielectric medium, or strong plasma, in electrical overviews. Dr. Corry built up a controlled source sound magnetotelluric strategy for electrical investigation, and furthermore worked with social database outline and information displaying. He has directed hypothetical investigations of magmatic interruptions, earthbound warmth stream examines in the North Pacific, and research in personal accomplice savagery with an accentuation on the relationship to post-traumatic anxiety and mind wounds.

A Kindred of the Topographical Society of America, Dr. Corry is partnered with IEEE, the General public of Investigation Geophysicists, the American Geophysical Union and the Marine Corps Alliance. He is the writer of “Laccoliths: Mechanics of Emplacement and Development,” distributed in 1988, “Topography of the Solitario: Trans-Pecos Texas,” distributed in 1990, and also various articles and meeting procedures to proficient diaries. Dr. Corry was chosen to be included in the 53rd through 70th versions of’s Who in America, the fourth through twelfth releases of’s Who in Science and Designing, the 27th through 35th releases of’s Who in the West, and the sixteenth through 33rd versions of’s Who On the planet.

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