Roberts Electric the Electrical Contractor for Palo Alto’s New-Concept Anthropologie


Oakland’s Roberts Electric was the electrical contractual worker for the new Anthropologie store in Palo Alto’s Stanford Mall. With the expansion of a wedding boutique, plant focus and bistro, this is one of just seven of the new-idea stores that the organization is taking off over the US. The new retail establishment idea means a store that is littler and more close than its more customary partners.

Roberts Electric worked intimately with Anthropologie’s national general contractual worker, Bogart Development, introducing numerous territories of both recessed Drove lighting and the installations that feature three stories of retail shows. Including another layer of multifaceted nature was the expansion of a full-benefit homestead to-table eatery, Landscape Bistro.

The venture required complex circuiting and control frameworks that computerized lighting all through the office. RECO Extend Director Marc Torney dealt with a forceful calendar with an imaginative, group way to deal with effectively address Anthropologie’s issues through the span of the 4-month extend.

Roberts Electric has been the electrical temporary worker on an expanding number of prominent inhabitant change extends all through the Straight Range. They have dealt with various stores in Walnut River’s Broadway Square, including Uniglo, Sephora and the new Tesla store. The organization has likewise taken a shot at a few H&M stores, Marriott Inns and a North Face in San Francisco.

RECO additionally gives a full scope of private administrations, and is pleased with its dedication to the Oakland people group. Accordingly of their promise to give $10 from each administration bring in 4Q:16 to the Oakland Parks and Entertainment Establishment Board, they sent a check for $1300 to the association.

Roberts Electric has been family-possessed for over 80 years. Proprietor Dan Pitcock is the child of the first proprietors and experienced childhood in the electrical business. Dan heads an expert group of experienced circuit repairmen that brings learning, responsibility and aptitude to each venture. Roberts Electrical is included in an expanding number of prominent occupant change extends all through the Straight Region. Business and modern administrations incorporate lighting updates, telephone and information correspondences, lighting controls establishments, parking garage lighting, security lighting and OSHA Remedies. Roberts Electric likewise gives a full scope of private electrical administrations: kitchen, shower and entire house rebuilds, new circuits, benefit redesigns and live/work improvements.


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