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“Despite the fact that the truth is not duplicate secured, reasonable utilize stipulations do have any significant bearing.”

“I Tweet, In this manner I Am”, a roar with laughter comic riddle novel initially posted continuously tweets on Twitter dispatches as a Fuel digital book on Monday, January 16, 2017. An imaginative pioneer of the Twitter Fiction development, Robert K. Blechman’s books are live-tweeted riddle stories, now assembled into book shape. “I Tweet, Along these lines I Am” is convincing, engaging, and flaunts what should be possible in the 140-character frame with style and dominance. With send-ups of the puzzle classification, web-based social networking traditions and PDA conduct, “I Tweet, Consequently I Am” is a cornucopia of word play and comic confusion loaded down with punny discourse, sharp character conditions, and an aggregate absence of adherence to the old “standards” of narrating. Robert K. Blechman’s savor the experience of the dialect appears in each tweet – that is to state, each string of the story. His plot is tight, shivering, and occupying.

The three books of The Twitstery Twilogy (ie. Twitter Puzzle) portray the adventures of the world’s just tweeting investigator, temperamental storyteller that he is. He tweets his encounters continuously, and the way that he recounts his story in tweets, that is 140 characters at any given moment, shapes his elucidation of the wrongdoings he explores.

About the Creator

Robert K. Blechman moved on from the College of Chicago with a BA in English Writing and went ahead to acquire a MBA in fund and a Ph.D. in Media Environment from New York College. He has held a senior innovation administration positions at such notable foundations a Columbia College Therapeutic Center, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, HarperCollins Distributers, Olympia & York Land Administration, and CBS News and shows courses in correspondence and media learns at Fordham College.

“I Tweet, In this way I Am” was gone before by national top of the line Twitter novel “Official Severance”, Book 1 of the Twitstery Twilogy (NeoPoiesis Press, 2011) which won The Mary Shelley Grant for Remarkable Fiction and by “The Brilliant Parachute”, (Fuel digital book, 2016).

Dr. Blechman keeps on tweeting at RKBs_Twitstery and talks about his Media Environmental insights and hypotheses at his blog, “A Model Media Scientist” at

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“Scholastics have been hauling their hair out about Twitter devastating our education. Finally, with Blechman’s spin-off of ‘Official Severance’ and ‘The Brilliant Parachute’, we have affirmation – Just joking!

In established truth, ‘I Tweet, In this manner I Am’ does the polar opposite, invalidating that drop-dead suggestion with a devour of mind, not Twit, which is likewise great seeing that Karl Popper didn’t imagine that anything would ever be affirmed, in any case.

‘I Tweet, Thusly I Am’ is a paean (not agony) to Twitter, as well as to secret and time-travel stories too, bringing us: wound palindromes; just pastries spelt or spelled in reverse; reflections on “dreeting” or “tweaming” which happens when rest tweeting; and Farley as well as Stuart Granger (more odd than genuine yet genuine). Furthermore, there are heaps of important music references, as well, including ‘Torn Between Two Darlings,’ one of my untouched most loved faltering tunes.

Be that as it may, there’s nothing weak about ‘I Tweet, In this manner I Am’. Perused and appreciate, and do remember its order that ‘however the truth is not duplicate ensured, reasonable utilize stipulations do have any significant bearing.'”

– Paul Levinson, creator of The Plot to Spare Socrates, Remaining details, and Ian’s Particles and Ages.

“The class of Twitstery, set up by Robert K. Blechman in his ‘Official Severance’, swings to Phantwitsmagoria in the last book of his set of three, ‘I Tweet, Hence I Am’. An investigator story written in tweets takes perusers into an insane voyage to a spiritualist Caribbean island, fairly reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau with an odd grounds on it. This is doubtlessly the main investigator novel on the planet, truly (gracious, yes, twitterally) loaded down with Marshall McLuhan cites. Adepts will welcome the play of suggestions, while criminologist novel fans will simply appreciate the story brimming with incongruity and witty quips.”

– Andrey Miroshnichenko, creator of Human as Media: The Liberation of Origin.

Additionally by Robert K. Blechman

Official Severance (2011)

“Official Severance,” the Twitstery Twilogy, Book 1, won the 2012 Mary Shelley Grant for Exceptional Anecdotal Work from the Media Nature Affiliation.

Police Criminologist Arkaby a by-the-book procedural specialist so brimming with himself he tweets each specific of his examination, goes up against his most confounding case with the revelation of the totally separated body of an eminence researcher and industrialist. His Twitter propensity almost costs him his own life at the hands a foe who subtly takes after his Twitter account.

The Brilliant Parachute (2016)

In “The Brilliant Parachute”, The Twitstery Twilogy, Book 2, Police Investigator Arkaby gets a far-fetched guest from his past who sets him off on a worldwide puzzle journey. Abstract adepts will value the play of implications, while criminologist novel fans will simply appreciate the murder riddle story loaded with incongruity and witty jokes.

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