Vinson Orthodontics Donates $3000 to West Johnston High School Food Pantry


Following quite a while of raising support, Vinson Orthodontics introduced the West Johnston Secondary School Sustenance Wash room with a check for $3,000. Orthodontist Dr. Britt Vinson and his staff are pleased to add to an extraordinary cause in the Wake Woodland and Clayton people group.

This understudy drove, non-benefit at West Johnston Secondary School is controlled by employees, guardians and understudies in the DoSomething Club to help nearby families needing sustenance. This nourishment storeroom is one of the main two understudy run sustenance wash rooms in North Carolina.

The sustenance wash room is situated on grounds and is open one day seven days. It is supported by group gifts, pledge drives, awards and so forth. Overall, this secondary school nourishment wash room bolsters more than 300 neighborhood families seven days. Vinson Orthodontics staff had the chance to work moves in the sustenance wash room to see this association in real life.

While volunteering in the sustenance storeroom, the staff at Vinson Orthodontics helped West Johnston Secondary Teacher Anissa Holm set up together Rucksack Pal packs. The Knapsack Mates are bring home packs loaded with cleanliness items and nutritious sustenances.

You can take in more about the West Johnston Nourishment Wash room on their Facebook page:

In 2016, understudies appropriated 93,368 pounds of sustenance and cleanliness items, including sea tempest alleviation and Knapsack Amigos. That equivalents more than 51,000 dinners in our group!


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