Former U.S. Prosecutors and ZPIC Investigators Assist Oberheiden Law Group Clients with the ZPIC Appeals Process


The Oberheiden Law Bunch PLLC, a Dallas-based social insurance misrepresentation protection law office, framed a group of previous government medicinal services extortion prosecutors and experienced ZPIC agents to help customers over the Assembled States with ZPIC offers.

“On the off chance that you are in the human services business sufficiently long or if your business is effective, the odds that you will be examined in the end are high,” clarifies Mindy Sauter, a previous Joined States Right hand Lawyer responsible for social insurance extortion examinations. “The key in these sorts of reviews is twofold: be arranged and have encountered lawyers close by to ensure your review is not going the wrong course,” includes Matthew Lawhon, a previous ZPIC reviewer and specialist. Together with previous U.S. prosecutor and previous Boss Prosecutor of the Medicare Extortion Strike Compel for the Northern Region of Texas, Mike Elliott, Ms. Sauter and Mr. Lawhon now help customers of the Oberheiden Law Amass, PLLC with ZPIC reviews and the ZPIC claims handle.

CMS [the Habitats for Medicare and Medicaid Services] has engaged the Zone Program Honesty Temporary workers (ZPIC) with the specialist to play out various exercises; some of which incorporate directing nearby visits to supplier areas where ZPIC investigative and review staff can ask for medicinal records and meeting representatives. This on location visit, ordinarily alluded to as the ZPIC Review, can bring about various moves being made against the supplier, including however not constrained to a law implementation referral, prepayment disavowal of cases, and post-installment gathering of an excessive charge. While ZPIC reviews and different sorts of Medicare Temporary workers have the expert to gather an excessive charge, the ZPIC must take after particular strides in doing as such. Luckily for the supplier group, these means incorporate the open door and capacity to request the excessive charge.

“This is the place we come in with our experience,” says Dr. Scratch Oberheiden, originator and chief of the Oberheiden Law Assemble, PLLC. “We basically break down the circumstance. Regularly, the initial phase in the interest procedure is that the ZPIC advises the supplier of the excessive charge appraisal. Suppliers must inform suppliers, in composing, of their expectation to start a recoupment. As a piece of this warning, the ZPIC must educate the supplier with respect on their right side to refute the excessive charge. The chance to disprove must be offered preceding start of the recoupment or suspension. The supplier’s reply explanation can incorporate any announcement or confirmation regarding why they trust the recoupment ought not be evaluated and ought to be submitted inside 15 days of the excessive charge warning. The ZPIC, or other Medicare Temporary worker, has 15 days to react to the reply once got,” abridges Matthew Lawhon, the recently selected lead lawyer for ZPIC reviews and ZPIC claims at the Oberheiden Law Aggregate, PLLC.

With a specific end goal to stop the recoupment procedure, the Medicare Program offers suppliers two open doors. The primary open door for a redetermination happens inside 30 days of receipt of the excessive charge warning; be that as it may, if this level of offer outcomes in an ominous assurance by the ZPIC then the supplier can make a moment ask for redetermination. The second demand must be made inside 60 days of receipt of the underlying redetermination and is recorded with a Qualified Self employed entity (QIC). The supplier will be advised of who the QIC is the underlying redetermination letter. On the off chance that the supplier is disappointed with the QIC’s choice, the supplier may then demand a hearing under the watchful eye of a Regulatory Law Judge (ALJ). “What’s more, we are arranged, prepared, and experienced to walk our customers through these means and to exhort them on the best alternative,” Dr. Scratch Oberheiden calls attention to.

Contact Data

Human services entrepreneurs and suppliers that have inquiries concerning ZPIC reviews or the ZPIC Bids Process can contact the lawyers of the Oberheiden Law Gathering to talk about their case in a free and private meeting.

The Oberheiden Law Bunch comprises of previous Medicare misrepresentation prosecutors and law authorization faculty that have particular involvement with hundreds if not a large number of ZPIC reviews. Among the lawyers of the Oberheiden Law Bunch PLLC are the accompanying ZPIC review lawyers.

Michael C. Elliott administered ZPIC reviews as the Main Organizer for Criminal Social insurance Extortion and Boss Prosecutor of the Medicare Misrepresentation Strike Constrain in North Texas. Matthew Lawhon is a previous medicinal services extortion examiner and authorized lawyer. Mr. Lawhon beforehand held senior positions with different organizations and substances to incorporate TriCenturion, Pioneer Wellbeing Ventures, and the Medicaid Extortion Control Unit (MFCU). In his ability as an administration examiner, Mr. Lawhon sought after an incredible number of ZPIC reviews and examinations and he is presently offering his knowledge data to the profitable customers of the Oberheiden Law Gather PLLC.

In the event that you are intrigued to discover more about ZPIC offers, you ought to visit the Company’s site at or call Dr. Scratch Oberheiden straightforwardly at 214.469.9009.

This data may constitute a lawyer commercial in a few wards. Earlier outcomes don’t ensure comparable results in future cases.


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