America’s Got Talent Love Expert Launches New Website


Joanna Kennedy, otherwise called Joanna Shakti, who gave Scratch Gun a kissing lesson amid America Has Ability Season 10, propelled a fresh out of the plastic new site,, this week. Joanna’s new transformative way to deal with affection and enthusiasm commences this Thursday, February ninth with a no-cost online course entitled The Way of Soul Love:3 Keys to Pulling in and Keeping the Adoration for your Life.

Once a specialist in the Oil and Gas and Cutting edge enterprises in Houston, TX, Joanna turned her vocation 180-degrees and now, as the Consecrated Closeness Tutor, she rouses men and ladies who yearn for more profound love and private joy to discover and make connections in view of overjoyed realness, closeness and bliss. Reverend Kevin Ross of Solidarity Church shares about Joanna, “Few individuals can claim to be completely compatible with the message that they bring. However, Joanna is closeness! She unfastens her heart and shares enthusiastically a spirit focused on arousing every individual to that primitive something inside that knows how to love. Regardless of whether you’re male or female, Joanna is taking all of us to a place further inside where there is no partition and where the move of the celestial ladylike and manly never stops! Go to her workshops. Procure her as your mentor. She will get you turned on and tuned in and move and engage you to plan and carry on with the life you had always wanted!”

Amid Thursday’s webinar,The Way of Soul of Affection, singles and couples won’t just find how to pull in and keep the adoration for their life, they’ll likewise learn…

� What it intends to love soul-to-soul and the correct guide to a Spirit Love relationship.

� Why singles frequently have their planning “incorrectly” with regards to Soul Adore and thus draw in the wrong accomplice again and again.

� How to guarantee the basic “pre-reqs” are met for a profoundly close, truly adoring, and genuinely delighted relationship (regardless of the possibility that you’re as of now in one).

� The overlooked mystery that touches off enthusiastic science in kisses, discussions, and lovemaking. (This is the way to remaining out of the companion and flat mate zone!)

� The #1 destroyer of close connections and how to maintain a strategic distance from the very basic tragedy.

� Plus, to really sweeten the deal, discover how to convey consecrated arousing quality and hallowed sexuality to your present or future relationship where adoring and lovemaking join body, complete self in close euphoria.

Besides, when somebody registers, they’ll have the capacity to promptly download Joanna’s “Sexual Fascination Recipe.”

About Delighted Closeness: Happy Closeness, established by Joanna Shakti, offers projects, occasions and coaching to men and lady, singles and couples, who have battled with affection and closeness find how to discover and keep a relationship where the adoration runs profound and the enthusiasm remains hot. Formally an Electrical Designer with a MBA, Joanna now lives to help men and ladies to remember the power and capability of adoration – demonstrating to them generally accepted methods to reconnect with themselves and each other in significantly cherishing, profoundly close, and at last liberating connections. You may have considered her to be the Closeness Master on America Has Ability, or in her different appearances on Fox, VH1, and Good times TV. Discover more at


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