Virginia Union University Character and Leadership Coach, Dr. Raymond Bell Selected to Attend NCAA Leadership Development and NFL Player Engagement Coaches Academy


Dr. Raymond A. Chime, Jr. was one of 34 NCAA football mentors chose to go to the 2017 NCAA and NFL Mentors Foundation. Since 2013, Dr. Ringer has filled in as an Authority Mentor and Partner Quarterback Mentor at Virginia Union College in Richmond, VA. Already, he was the group’s Character and Administration Mentor for a long time.

The Mentors Institute is a cooperative exertion between NCAA Initiative Advancement and NFL Player Engagement that teaches and prepares members from the nation over in zones that energize powerful guiding and enhances understudy competitor prosperity at both intercollegiate and expert levels. Amid the 3-day occasion, members got direction from fruitful NFL, school and secondary school mentors and business pioneers and athletic managers about the matter of drilling. As per Bernard Franklin, NCAA official VP of instruction and group engagement participation boss consideration officer, “The introduction of trying mentors to a gathering of the top personalities in football – talking about points like money related proficiency, emotional well-being and locker room culture – is urgent now and later on.”

Dr. Ringer thought about his involvement with the Mentors Institute, “A focal subject that the moderators concentrated on was the significance of honesty and qualities. My training hone concentrates on character and initiative.” Dr. Chime approaches guiding from a comprehensive point of view: connecting with the players’ psyche, body and soul.

The NFL-NCAA Mentors Foundation program guides previous and current school and expert players and current secondary school and school mentors through the complexities of the instructing calling. Members gain from experienced mentors at the 2014 NFL-NCAA Mentors Institute. James Whip, Chief of Player Engagement clarifies, “The NFL-NCAA Mentors Institute gives us the chance to prepare current players and NFL Legends with the apparatuses to wind up distinctly powerful mentors at the secondary school, school or expert levels. This is their chance to gain from mentors at all levels.”

About Dr. Chime

Dr. Raymond A. Chime, Jr. is the Leader of Mosaic Expressions, an administration guiding and counseling firm committed to the advancement of pioneers through preparing programs, basic investigation assessment and official honing. Dr. Ringer helps his customers experience their expert vision and discovers satisfaction in building the character of others. He conveys a motivational minute entitled “Next Strides,” on a neighborhood talk radio station in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he urges audience members to hone ground breaking and to make a move.

NCAA Initiative Improvement, situated in Indianapolis, IN gives instruction and preparing to school competitors, mentors and chairmen to help with the move to life after school games, to cultivate the development of the up and coming era of pioneers and to urge games overseers to decipher lessons learned through rivalry.


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