American Tubs Adds MicroBubbles by CG Air to List of Features


American Tubs is making a sprinkle on the stroll in tub industry by adding new elements to their officially not insignificant rundown of accessible trademark choices that each adjustable tub can come furnished with. While remembering the cost of a tub alongside establishment expenses, American Tubs is continually searching out inventive plans and craftsmanship that will build the medical advantages of their stroll in tubs.

All tubs are cost proficient when contrasted with different tubs alongside being eco-accommodating and vitality effective. This is the reason American Tubs has joined forces with CG Air, a pioneer in manageable living. Their Unadulterated Air pockets Framework proclaims the utilization of water and air as its key part in giving more advantageous skin.

Compound free oxygenation of the skin gives the client cleaner skin, peeling, decrease of skin issues, for example, psoriasis and dermatitis, making you look years more youthful. The utilization of small scale bubbles makes a characteristic purging of any skin pore contaminations while expelling the unsaturated fat and microscopic organisms that cause personal stench. Ideal for elderly or disabled people that need additional help while showering.

MicroBubbles Framework is a blend of water pressurized with encompassing air. A weight pump moves the blend of air and water into a unique licensed fitting that separates each air rise into miniaturized scale bubbles making a thick white cloud inside the shower water. A characteristic arrangement without brutal cleansers and other synthetically ridden purifying items.

American Tubs offers adaptable stroll in tubs with a variety of components, for example, Air Knead, Hydro Rub, Chromatherapy, Fragrant healing, MicroBubbles Framework, and fast deplete – licensed 2″ Rush Deplete framework. Made in the U.S.A.


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