THE AMERICAN SOLDIER Paints War, PTSD and Honors our Veterans this Memorial Weekend in Austin, Texas


Douglas Taurel respects veterans and their families by playing out his intense and widely praised Off Broadway solo demonstrate THE AMERICAN Trooper at the EMMA S. BARRIENTOS MEXICAN AMERICAN Social CENTER in Austin, Texas on Remembrance End of the week, May 25th, May 26th & May 27th, 2017.

In view of accurate records and genuine letters composed by veterans and their relatives from the American Transformation completely through current day Afghanistan strife. It respects and investigates the inside battles that veterans and their families confront when returning home from battle. THE AMERICAN Officer performed Off Broadway, The Kennedy Center, it was assigned for an Acquittal Universal Honor, earned 4 stars and the Edinburgh Celebration Periphery and will be performing at the Library of Congress in the fall.

This Dedication end of the week, in 55-minutes, improved by an exchange of sound and lights, Taurel goes into the personas of 14 veterans and their relatives, recounting their account of boldness and give up. THE AMERICAN Fighter uncovered their imperfections and their scars with both dimness and diversion, and respects their unbelievable responsibility for our flexibilities. THE AMERICAN Trooper is an excursion through the American story.

Taurel clarified, “This is a genuine work of energy and I profoundly trust that crowds will leave with a more profound valuation for the enormous give up our servicemen and servicewomen, and their families, have made for our nation. I feel that the serious penances that veterans and their families have made can never have enough mindfulness..”

“In front of an audience Taurel submits absolutely to his characters…flawlessly and capable”

– The Huffington Post

“Taurel gives each voice a delicate, moving presence…he is completely trustworthy”

– English Theater Manage

“…most stunning thing I have ever observed in front of an audience. This play is a voice for veterans.”

– Marc C, Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan, Purple Heart Beneficiary 2014

“I think what you have made is so brilliant thus vital that it recounts the tale of the greater part of our veterans from the majority of our contentions. I was so overpowered and moved…”

– Rose O, Vietnam Armed force Nurture, Joined State’s Office for Worldwide Improvement, 1967 – 1969

Douglas Taurel’s screen credits incorporate playing extreme and tense characters in TV programs including Mr. Robot, Nurture Jackie, Harms, The Americans, Individual of Intrigue, Blue Bloods, Trust, NYC 22, and The Accompanying. Film credits incorporate a supporting part in the element film The Shoemaker, coordinated by Oscar selected Tom McCarthy and featuring Dustin Hoffman.

The play is coordinated by Padraic Lillis who was as of late named to the Outside the box Theater Corridor of Notoriety and Non mainstream Theater Individual of the Year in New York.

Take in more about The American Warrior and hear gathering of people and veterans tributes by going by

This is the TRAILER to the show:

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600 Waterway Road | Austin, Texas 78701

Telephone Number: 512-974-3772

Date & Time: May 25th @ 8pm, May 26th @ 8pm, May 27th @ 7pm.

Mr. Taurel is accessible for meetings. To organize meetings and press seats for survey, please contact: Douglas Taurel (917) 734 4570


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