Music fans blast ‘dangerous’ festival after being forced to queue for 10 HOURS to get in without water or toilets


Enraged celebration goers have whined of 10 hour lines to get into BoomTown Reasonable with no water or can offices.

Revelers endeavoring to enter the celebration in Winchester grumbled of sun stroke, lack of hydration and battling in the lines as strains bubbled over.

Coordinators faulted the extensive lines for expanded looked and defers opening the site because of the exuberant rain yesterday.

Be that as it may, incensed music fans and concerned guardians impacted the celebration and portrayed the “hazardous” circumstance as ‘disreputable’.

Francisco Hurtado, who is going to the celebration with his better half and a companion, depicted the line as a ‘mass of individuals’ with ‘no group control or water’.

Mr Hurtado, from West London, left the line following two hours when a battle broke out.

He stated: ‘There’s no group control, there’s not a single data for us and not a single stewards to be seen.

‘Individuals are getting exceptionally irate as the hours pass by. It’s not a line but rather a mass of individuals.

‘We arrived at 3pm yet we moved around 20 meters in two hours and after that somebody began battling so we’ve left the line, it’s not protected.

‘I haven’t seen any water containers. They [BoomTown] said there would be water focuses yet I haven’t seen any.

‘Where I am, there’s just eight Portaloos however what great is that for a huge number of individuals?’

Dominique Vulliamy Taylor whose 18-year-old little girl Coco was stuck in the line, told MailOnline: ‘My girl is there with two companions in the line.

‘She’s fundamentally burned through 10 hours getting in. She arrived at 11am in the morning and has recently got past at this point. Presently they need to attempt and discover their companions and set up their tents oblivious. They have no water and there were no toilets.

‘I am irate. They ought to have moved the Portaloos into the lines for individuals. Coco harmed her back tumbling from her steed yet has been remaining for 10 hours with a rucksack on, so her back is currently injured for whatever is left of the celebration.

‘Coco and her companions paid a considerable amount of cash to go to this celebration yet have now missed the entire of the primary day. They have been arranging it for a half year. It’s inadmissible from a hierarchical front yet they ought to have at that point managed it.’

Angry celebration goers additionally vented their disappointment on Twitter.

Kate Fitzgerald composed: ‘Wellbeing and security calamity holding up to occur at BoomTown celebration. A huge number of individuals not moving, no water, no toilets. Nauseating.’

Sadie McAdams stated: ‘The individual beside me has quite recently gone out. This is insensitive! My companion has a heart condition and is oblivious! I require restorative help now!’

Paige Smith griped: ‘I’ve been in the line for seven hours and haven’t possessed the capacity to achieve any water! This is risky considering the climate.’

Paul Leicester stated: ‘No obstructions or group control…thousands of individuals packed in the warmth, this is a debacle!’

Colette Gibbings? stated: ‘Now BoomTown. Truly! No water, no toilets, no nourishment. Stuck in the center and no real way to try and leave!’

Another remarked: ‘No toilets, no obstructions, 60,000 individuals? F*** off BoomTown this is a flat out joke. Safe quests however hazardous group.’

One displeased reveler stated: ‘Been lining for BoomTown for seven-and-half hours and still no place close to the doors.’

Another stated: ‘My companion needs fastens, my sweetheart is stuck on the opposite side of the group, obviously individuals have gone out and got brutal.’

Coordinators had portrayed the occasion as the ‘most completely showy and immersive celebration encounter on Earth.’

Acts featuring this year incorporate The Specials, M.I.A. what’s more, Toots and the Maytals.

A celebration representative stated: ‘We were postponed in opening our doors early this evening because of the current wet climate conditions.

‘This deferral in opening, alongside the huge scale looking operation we are running this year have influenced the ideal opportunity for individuals spent in the lines.

‘The welfare of our participants is total significance, we have been, and will proceed to, send extra arrangements and disseminating water to those in the lines.

‘Security, occasion administration, restorative and welfare groups are in position at all the doors and we are effectively taking a gander at approaches to accelerate the lines and get individuals into the celebration.’


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