She utilized to be alarmed of horses


She utilized to be alarmed of horses Yet Janna Scantlebury has overcome her fears to move toward becoming the to start with dark lady to join the Queen’s mounted bodyguard

Now, in stately uniform, the 19-year-old heavy armament specialist conveys out protect obligations close Buckingham Castle on her mount, Hackney, as part of the King’s Troop, Illustrious Horse Artillery

Their part incorporates pulling the weapons let go at illustrious salutes

Yesterday her father Sherwin, who comes from Barbados, talked of his amuse in her achievement ‘It implies a parcel to me,’ he said ‘I’m so glad of her ‘

Mounted regiments have ensured the Illustrious Family for 400 years What’s more, at the point when Miss Scantlebury, who joined the Armed force straight from school, attempted riding amid her fundamental preparing she knew she had found her niche

‘I was scared of steeds at the point when I started,’ she confessed ‘They were so big, what’s more, they can lash out with their hooves Yet at the point when I got into it, I truly appreciated the riding It was something that I needed to take further ‘

The youngster from Bow, East London, said: ‘Hackney tossed me off three times at first, yet I kept getting back on

‘I cherish steeds now, what’s more, need to remain with King’s Troop I feel extremely respected to be the to begin with dark woman ‘

Her father moreover served in the Army Mr Scantlebury, who came to England from Barbados in the 1970s to join his parents, who had emigrated, said: ‘I was in the Queen’s Illustrious Irish Hussars until 1976, what’s more, Janna has continuously needed to do something similar

‘As a child, she was truly terrified of steeds what’s more, utilized to run away from them, yet she adores them now All she talks about is horses ‘

Miss Scantlebury’s mother Jennifer said: ‘When she cleared out school, she went to the Armed force Establishment School in Harrogate what’s more, took a riding lesson

‘After that, she was all of a sudden snared on stallions what’s more, knew she needed to work with them

‘She’s continuously been extremely strongwilled what’s more, in the event that she sets her sights on something, she’s decided to succeed

‘I’m so glad of her, not since she’s the to start with dark lady to do it be that as it may since she’s my daughter Yet I trust it empowers other youthful dark kids to think, “I can do that too” ‘

At school, Miss Scantlebury, who has one more established sibling what’s more, a more youthful sister what’s more, brother, was a sharp competitor what’s more, spoken to the district of Tower Villages in the shot-putt what’s more, disk events

Now she trusts to move toward becoming an indeed more finished rider what’s more, take part in a few jumping, in spite of the fact that she recognizes that her horse can be ‘a bit naughty’ sometimes

Commanding officer Major Simon Robinson said: ‘She has made a extremely great begin to her career We trust more youthful individuals take after in her footsteps ‘

The King’s Troop, Illustrious Horse Artillery, part of the Family mounted troops, is positioned at St John’s Wood, North London It performs the obligations of the Queen’s Life Protect at Whitehall for a month each year


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