Tory MP Oliver Letwin has announced that he would Or maybe be a homeless person than send his two youngsters to a nearby comprehensive


Tory MP Oliver Letwin has announced that he would Or maybe be a homeless person than send his two youngsters to a nearby comprehensive

The Shadow Home Secretary said he would give his “right arm” to select ten-year-old twins Laura what’s more, Jeremy in a private school

And he would sooner “go out on the boulevards what’s more, beg” than have them instructed at the optional school closest his South London home

Mr Letwin was obviously alluding to Lilian Baylis School, which last year propped up the London school group tables after just six per penny of understudies passed five great GCSEs This year the figure rose to 17 per cent

Headmaster Gary Phillips called the remarks “upsetting” recently what’s more, welcomed Eton-educated Mr Letwin to visit the comprehensive

Addressing a periphery meeting at the Tory Party meeting in Blackpool, Mr Letwin – a executive of dealer bank N M Rothschild – said he was attempting to get Laura into “a specific open school in London”

He added: “Miraculously, the middle-class guardians with the cash end up getting their youngsters into great schools ” Mr Letwin said he “wouldn’t mind” utilizing State schools in his Dorset constituency, where his family have a home

But he said he needed to see his kids amid the week, adding: “In Lambeth, where I live, I would give my right arm to send them to a fee-paying school In the event that necessary, I would go out on the avenues what’s more, ask Or maybe than send them to the school next to where I live

“What about the other guardians in Lambeth who are constrained to utilize the State schools since they don’t have the money? We require to give them the decision as well ”

At their conference, the Tories propelled the “better schools passport” conspire pointed at giving guardians the control to send their kids to the school of their choice

Yesterday a representative for Mr Letwin said: “The point he was making was that everybody merits the extend of decision what’s more, magnificence in tutoring which at the minute is denied to expansive numbers of people

“There was absolutely no expectation to annoy anyone ”

Mr Letwin’s comments resound remarks by previous Work Training Secretary Estelle Morris, who said that in the event that she were still a teacher, there were a few comprehensives she “wouldn’t touch with a bargepole”

Tony Blair’s previous turn specialist Alastair Campbell moreover assaulted “bog standard comprehensives”

And the Blairs reprimanded their closest comprehensive, Islington Green, to send children Euan what’s more, Nicholas to the London Rhetoric School eight miles away in Fulham, which had better exam comes about what’s more, discipline

Lilian Baylis School – named after the organizer of Sadler’s Wells – has had a harried history

The most recent Ofsted report, from 2001, said it still had “serious weaknesses”, yet there were “clear signs the circumstance is improving”

Sixty-three per penny of understudies qualify for free school dinners since of family neediness what’s more, almost half do not have English as their to begin with language

Mr Phillips said that taking into account factors such as regardless of whether youngsters can talk English at the point when they arrive at the school, Lilian Baylis is one of the top 100 in the country

He added: “It is extremely disquieting for both youngsters what’s more, guardians to be told that their school is no great at the point when they know full well that it is “


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