Whatever the truth, the occasions encompassing the occasions of Eminent 31, 1997, are perplexed with puzzle what’s more, inconsistency


Whatever the truth, the occasions encompassing the occasions of Eminent 31, 1997, are perplexed with puzzle what’s more, inconsistency
The Day by day Mail has shone a spotlight on the days some time recently what’s more, after Diana was found lying genuinely harmed on the back situate of the Mercedes, her life slipping away, her sweetheart Dodi Fayed as of now dead by her side
Many of those included in the outcome of the crash will still as it were talk in the strictest confidence, maybe dreadful of being marked scheme theorists

Others accept what they have to say is of imperative significance be that as it may grumble that maybe a couple have been willing to tune in to it

Here are a few of the vital replied questions from that night six a long time ago

Why was the driver so flush with cash?

The driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul, was being paid just £20,000 a year at the time of his death However he was found to be out of the blue wealthy

As agent head of security at the Paris Ritz, Paul had amassed an surprising pot of gold – £102,000 in 13 unique bank accounts

In the take of the dark suit in which he died, police found £2,000 in money – more than he earned in a month In 1997, alone he had paid £4,000 money into his accounts on five occasions He was spending £600 a week on flying lessons

There are two other irritating issues about Paul The rebel insight operator Richard Tomlinson claims to have seen his name in MI6 files What’s more, on the evening of Diana’s death, he strangely vanished for two hours some time recently returning at the Ritz to take the wheel of the Mercedes

Why did the CCTV look the off-base way?

The CCTV cameras inside the Alma Burrow where the crash happened were, agreeing to sources, turned inwards to confront the divider on the night of Regal 31

They would subsequently have been incapable to record anything of the collision, the individuals or, then again the vehicles there at the time or, then again amid the deplorable aftermath

Not until sunrise on Sunday, September 1, as Diana’s body was being arranged for its return to Britain, were the cameras turned to confront the traffic

If this appears strange, so, too, was Paris officials’ choice to send the green vehicles of its purifying office into the burrow as it were seven hours after the crash Their proficiency at splashing the entirety region with disinfectant erased for ever all legal confirm remaining at the crash site

Why did the ‘drunk’ driver have a solid liver?

More signs about what happened in Diana’s last hours lie today in a little solution bottle in a fridge in Paris It contains a little test of blood taken amid the post-mortem examination on Henri Paul

Further significant confirm is contained in 27 confidential, buff-coloured records in the Paris workplaces of the French judge Herve Stephan, who to begin with explored the Princess’s death

French specialists have continuously demanded a blend of liquor what’s more, high speed incited the crash in which as it were the Princess’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived

They have let it be known that Paul was an alcoholic who was “as tanked as a pig” at the point when he cleared out the Ritz to drive Diana what’s more, her darling back to Dodi’s loft half a mile away

Two restorative experts, Dr Gilbert Pepin what’s more, Educator Dominique Lecomte, said the escort was twice over Britain’s legitimate drink-drive constrain at the point when he took the wheel

Yet as it were three days some time recently the crash, Paul passing an serious restorative examination for flying lessons which appeared no signs of liquor abuse

Was there a mix-up at the morgue?

That phial of blood remains at the heart of the controversy For it proposes something else very extraordinary: That Paul had relaxed in a savage amount of carbon monoxide some time recently he died

It was proportional to the sum breathed in by a suicide casualty who places a elastic hose through a fixed window of a auto to gas himself

Such a immense inward breath of the harm would have rendered him noticeably disorientated, likely incapable to stand unaided It is conceivable he would have as a matter of fact been unconscious

Yet Paul can be seen on CCTV film from the Ritz that evening alert, grinning happily what’s more, indeed bowing down to tie up his shoelace

He was murdered right away in the crash There is no way he could have at that point drawn breath what’s more, breathed in any noxious deplete gasses in the destroyed car Mercedes, for their part, demand their airbags do not contain the gas

Significantly, Dodi’s body contains no carbon monoxide Unofficially, indeed Judge Stephan has called the nearness of the gas a finish enigma

What in the event that the blood in the bottle containing the disturbing readings, presently held up with the French lawful authorities, is not truly Henri Paul’s? Could he have been totally calm as his guardians maintain?

That end of the week 23 other bodies were taken to the Institut Medico Legitimate morgue where Paul lay Had one of the dead conferred suicide by drinking intensely or, then again breathing in deplete fumes?

Was there a muddle? Or, then again was it a think blend up?

Why did the emergency vehicle take so long?

As Henri Paul what’s more, Dodi’s bodies held up to be taken to the morgue at 12 40am on the Sunday morning, Diana was still alive Three amblances arrived to find she had a torn aspiratory vein in her chest what’s more, blood was leaking into her lungs

One rescue vehicle with four paramedics – never followed by the French experts – stretchered her on board their vehicle

The vehicle took the best part of an hour what’s more, a half to reach the close-by Pitie-Salpetiere Hospital On its way it passed two other facilities which could have treated her

The rescue vehicle halted twice at the roadside, obviously to give Diana crisis treatment for falling flat blood pressure, the second time just 300 yards from the hospital

By the time she arrived it was as well late to spare her She was to bite the dust of an damage which was life undermining yet not essentially fatal

When Ronald Reagan was shot, his pneumonic vein tore open Yet quick clinic consideration permitted him back to presidential obligations in one month

Was the Uno driver another victim?

The white Fiat Uno which cut the Mercedes in the tunnel, causing the crash, was driven by a illustrious paparazzo called James Andanson

It took two weeks to follow him after the Fiat was found for deal in a Paris garage The paint on the destroyed Mercedes coordinated precisely the paint from its tailgate

Andanson demanded he was at home, in focal France, amid the early part of the night Diana died He spun a yarn about flying out of the nation through Orly Air terminal half an hour some time recently she took her last breath at 4am He created a petroleum receipt to support his nearness close the airport Be that as it may that did not demonstrate he was not in the Alma Burrow a maybe a couple hours before

Andanson, who was never reinterviewed by French investigators, obviously conferred suicide in peculiar conditions two a long time later His body was found in a burned-out car, 100 miles from where he had told his family he was voyaging that day It was bolted from the outside

Who were the veiled raiders?

A month later, Andanson’s workplaces in Paris – at the French HQ of the photograph office SIPA – were attacked by three equipped men in balaclava They shot a security watch in the foot, held shouting staff prisoner for three hours some time recently taking off with laptops, hard plates what’s more, cameras The staff’s unhinged calls to the police went unheeded

Could the security administrations have been involved? Maverick MI6 officer Tomlinson, who was sacked by English intelligence, has guaranteed they utilize paparazzi since of their aptitudes at following the whereabouts of high profile “targets” Was Andanson one such agent?

Was the Princess pregnant?
This is a industrious talk fuelled by Diana having told close companions amid the Mediterranean occasion earlier to her trip to Paris that she had a few energizing news

Because she was a English citizen, no examination was conveyed out on her in France However her body was treated from the abdomen up by Teacher Lecomte at the clinic in the late morning of her demise in an occasion that has never been clarified palatably by French authorities

This broke French law, which bans preserving on the off chance that another post-mortem is to be conveyed out since formaldehyde liquid utilized in the process taints a few toxicological tests

One of these tests is for pregnancy The formaldehyde utilized in preserving the Princess would have guaranteed any consequent tests on Diana would have given a false “positive” pregnancy reading

Whatever the intention for preserving Diana it crushed until the end of time all confirm which would have uncovered – one way or, then again the other – in the event that she was anticipating Dodi’s child

Who was the shadowy figure?
Why did the Mercedes head in precisely the inverse heading from Dodi’s loft at the point when it cleared out the Ritz? Henri Paul knew Paris personally what’s more, the adjust course was along the wide Champs Elysee

If he had made a navigational error, why did he not turn back by utilizing a slip street some time recently the tunnel?

One eye witness claims this course was blocked by a helmeted rider on an unmarked motorbike

Was Paul in the pay of the English what’s more, French mystery services? Was the bicycle put there to make beyond any doubt the illustrious party took that lethal route?

Perhaps an examination into Diana’s demise would begin to unwind the exceptional enigma

Last summer, illustrious coroner Michael Burgess guaranteed to hold one in the close future A day afterward he changed his mind what’s more, said no date could be set

In the light of what he knew, Paul Burrell may not have been astounded by that sudden change of heart Nor, we have to assume today, would Diana have been


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