Detectives are exploring a astounding plot for a suicide bomb assault on a football stadium


Detectives are exploring a astounding plot for a suicide bomb assault on a football stadium

Details developed as police found explosives after capturing a man in Gloucester

Hundreds of neighbors were cleared after the 24-year-old, accepted to have joins with Al Qaeda, was held in a sunrise attack yesterday

Police do not know the exact target of the football plot what’s more, monstrous security operations are anticipated at major grounds this weekend

Such an shock would be the “spectacular” long dreaded by police what’s more, security services

Home Secretary David Blunkett hailed the capture as “another nail in the box of those who would debilitate our life what’s more, liberty” He said security boss accepted the man had postured “a extremely genuine threat”

The captured man, from a family of Pakistani origin, as of late returned to the UK after a few a long time in Pakistan what’s more, is said to have told companions of associations to Al Qaeda

Detectives accept he has joins with shoe-bomber Richard Reid, who attempted to bring down an carrier after preparing at one of Osama Receptacle Laden’s fear camps

The man, who was conceived in Gloucester, had been the target for more than a year of an insight what’s more, reconnaissance operation by Scotland Yard anti-terrorist officers what’s more, MI5

A group was allocated to screen him amid President Bush’s state visit last week

Information from that reconnaissance is said to have been one reason for the choice to put England onto the second-highest level of security alert

Police boss have cautioned they accept a fear assault – likely a suicide bombarding – is inevitable Analysts are chasing up to 20 North Africans said to be here what’s more, arranging an attack

Last night the man was being held on doubt of arranging or, then again getting ready an act of terrorism In a discrete operation under the Psychological oppression Act, a 39-year-old man was captured at an undisclosed address in Manchester

The Gloucester man is thought to have joins with a few of the most infamous Al Qaeda terrorists

He is accepted to have been a admirer at the dubious Finsbury Stop mosque in North London what’s more, a mosque in Brixton, South London, which was gone to by both Richard Reid what’s more, Zacarias Moussaoui

Reid, a unimportant criminal from South London who changed over to Islam in prison, was imprisoned for life in January for attempting to slaughter 197 individuals on a flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001 by exploding explosives covered up in his trainers He was overwhelmed by travelers what’s more, crew

Moroccan Moussaoui is the suspected “19th hijacker” who was captured in the US as it were days some time recently the September 11 assaults in 2001

One of the things from the Gloucester house being analyzed last night was a combine of shoes which police suspect has been altered to convey explosives

MI6 officers are too included in a careful operation to follow the Gloucester man’s developments in Pakistan, famous as a “staging post” for those going to fear preparing camps

They are attempting to build up regardless of whether the man went to Khalden, Receptacle Laden’s Afghan fear camp, which is known to have been gone to by a few enthusiasts with English links

As well as the football plot, Gloucester is inside simple voyaging separate of the homes of a few royals, counting Ruler Charles, what’s more, the GCHQ insight base in Cheltenham, which has been at the heart of the war on terror

Roads around the man’s family home were fixed off recently what’s more, 119 houses in encompassing boulevards were emptied while legal what’s more, bomb transfer masters conveyed out their searches

Martin Baker, Agent Boss Constable of Gloucestershire police, said they were not looking for anybody else yet added: “We must anticipate the unexpected ”

A neighbor told how she what’s more, her family were woken by police

“We had a thump on the entryway at around 7 45am,” she said

“The kids were just getting prepared to go to school what’s more, the police told us to wear something warm what’s more, get out of the house as before long as possible

“It was very a panic I was a bit terrified as I thought they had come to look my house yet at that point found out it was the entirety street

“I sent the kids to school what’s more, at that point I was told that the school had shut be that as it may the youngsters were safe there I went to work what’s more, at that point had a telephone call from the educator saying that they were bringing all the youngsters to the relaxation centre ”

As Scotland Yard what’s more, Gloucestershire officers moved in, police in Blackburn conveyed out fingertip looks of two houses what’s more, a school that the man had attended

Last night police were guarding the entrance to the college, next to a mosque under construction

Mr Blunkett said last night: “I’m extremely satisfied that the security what’s more, insight what’s more, Uncommon Branch administrations have been capable to secure this individual

“We will know without further ado from the measurable researchers the correct nature of the materials gotten in the raid, what’s more, the nature of the associations that this person has with the more extensive Al Qaeda network ”

“Obviously the legal confirm will be totally essential what’s more, I do not need to in any way harm the future trial, yet we would not have taken these steps in the event that we did not accept this person postured a extremely genuine threat “


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